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QuickLaunch Installer v1.3 by 1upus/DRok17
Last Release: May 2, 2021
Downloads: 2455

This tool installs custom shortcuts to multitasking menu (push PS button on LiveArea) on HomeBrew enabled PS Vita.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
QuickLaunch Installer (data) v1.3 05/03/21 1110 Download QR
QuickLaunch-Installer v1.3 05/02/21 502 Download QR
- Ported to Lua Plus Player
- UI reworked and reworded.
- Added new System Message prompt
- Add cancel option when selecting QL slot
- Clear/Restore QL data option now has preview images
- Moved image data to the data folder, easier for future releases and less backup management.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
QuickLaunch_installer_for_PSVita.vpk v0.5 11/07/17 442 Download QR
QuickLaunch Installer v0.2 11/03/17 387 Download QR