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vitabright v1.0 by devnoname120
Last Release: Feb 8, 2019
Downloads: 1098

Experimental minimum brightness lowering plugin
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
vitabright v1.0 02/08/19 101 Download QR
Very experimental, allows to lower the minimum brightness by a bit (same brightness as when the screen dims after some inactivity).
Notice: This plugin won't do anything out of the box, you need to customize the gamma table yourself and figure out what each number does.

This update allows users to customize the gamma lookup table that is used for brightness levels.
The table vitabright_lut.txt is the original one unaltered, it needs to be placed in ur0:/tai/ or ux0:/tai (ur0 has the priority).

Each line in this file corresponds to a brightness level, there must be exactly 17 lines plus an empty one a the end. Each number has to be a 2-digit hexadecimal integer (so from 00 to FF).
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
vitabright v0.9 06/16/18 327 Download QR
vitabright v0.5 04/07/18 330 Download QR
vitabright.skprx v0.01 04/11/17 336 Download QR