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Vita Hangman T. Edition v1.1A-TH1 by Aurora
Last Release: Apr 6, 2018
Downloads: 192

Hangman game where you have to guess a word to win. Supports addition of extra words to the database.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Vita Hangman Touhou Edition v1.1A-TH1 04/06/18 100 Download QR
Vita Hangman – Touhou Edition is a version of Hangman (originally designed by Rinnegatamante) for the PSVita that has a Touhou theme and an enhanced code base.

Vita Hangman - Touhou Edition has the following features:
It’s based on Vita Hangman 1.1 with some enhancements
A Touhou theme. This includes a menu and game background along with some background music!
Unlike the original version of this homebrew, this edition greys out the letters you already pressed and doesn't allow you to press them again!
The main menu has some different fonts
When you press a letter, a sound is now played
New LiveArea screen
Can be installed alongside normal Vita Hangman so you can have both versions of the game installed at the same time!
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Vita Hangman v1.1 09/08/17 89 Download QR