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ShellSecBat v5 by OperationNT414C
Last Release: Mar 14, 2018
Downloads: 1177

Henkaku plugin which displays seconds and battery percent in status bar
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
shellsecbat.suprx v5 03/14/18 60 Download QR
Configuration support has been added, it can be done though a "ShellSecBat.txt" file. Read the documentation for further information.
As consequence, "ShellDateSecBat" plugin has been removed because the same thing can be done through this configuration possibility (see "ShellDateSecBat/ShellSecBat.txt" file).

Some new features has been added (their state can be changed with configuration):
* Possibility to have year in the date display
* Customisable separators for date and drive space decimal displays
* Support of "imc0" and "grw0" partitions on drive display
* Automatically skip unmounted partitions
* Possibility change "free space" with "occupied space"
* Customisable key combination to switch drive display
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
shellsecbat.suprx vV5 03/14/18 147 Download QR
shelldatesecbat.suprx vV4 03/12/18 88 Download QR
shellsecbat.suprx vV4 03/12/18 80 Download QR
shelldatesecbat.suprx vV3 08/07/17 122 Download QR
shellsecbat.suprx vV3 08/07/17 122 Download QR
shelldatesecbat.suprx vV2 08/03/17 113 Download QR
shellsecbat.suprx vV2 08/03/17 106 Download QR
shelldatesecbat.suprx vV1 07/31/17 109 Download QR
shellsecbat.suprx vV1 07/31/17 104 Download QR
shellsecbat.suprx vV0 07/30/17 112 Download QR