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ShellSecBat v9 by OperationNT414C
Last Release: Jul 24, 2018
Downloads: 3925

Henkaku plugin which displays seconds and battery percent in status bar
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ShellSecBat v9 07/24/18 291 Download QR
Add the plugin under *main section in ur0:tai/config.txt or ux0:tai/config.txt:

Please remove any other plugin which impacts the status bar display (like "ShellBat", "ShellDateSecBat" or "LastSeconds").

ShellSecBat can be configurated through a "ShellSecBat.txt" file. The file size should not exceed 116 bytes and its content should look like:

This configuration sample matches the official default ShellSecBat settings (when there is no found configuration file).

Only the following paths are supported for the configuration file (they will be check in this same order):

The file must follows the following rules:

Features:[Drives display][Battery display]
Time:[Seconds display][Date display][Year display][Date separator]
Drives:[Skip unmounted][Free space display][Space decimal separator][imc0:][ur0:][ux0:][uma0:][xmc0:][grw0:]
LeftKey:[Keys combination for previous drive display]
RightKey:[Keys combination for next drive display]
You should be aware that configuration file reading is very basic (and it could easily fail if there is even the slightest mistake).

Keywords Feature:, Time:, Drives:, LeftKey: and RightKey: are used to find configuration parts. Once a configuration part is found, configuration parameters must directly follow the : character (without any blank character between):

Valid configuration part: Features:01
Invalid configuration part: Features: 01
For parameters which can be activated (all parameters except keys and separators), 1 means that it is enabled and any other character means that it is disabled.

LeftKey: and RightKey: must be followed by an hexadecimal value which describes the key combination. Hexadecimal flags for each key can be found here (on SceCtrlButtons section):

Additional rules are applied:

Keywords can appear in any order in the configuration but parameters must always exactly match what the keyword expects
Drives:, LeftKey: and RightKey: won't be parsed if "[Drives display]" is disabled
On PlayStation TV, "[Battery display]" is ignored as it will always be disabled
You can simulate ShellSecBat and ShellDateSecBat previous versions (prior to configuration file support) with the following configurations:

ShellSecBat V4 behavior: Features:11 Time:100/ Drives:01.011100 LeftKey:101 RightKey:201
ShellDateSecBat V4 behavior: Features:11 Time:110/ Drives:01.011100 LeftKey:101 RightKey:201
nowrep for "ShellBat" (
theorywrong for "LastSeconds" (
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
shellsecbat.suprx vV5 03/14/18 292 Download QR
shelldatesecbat.suprx vV4 03/12/18 232 Download QR
shellsecbat.suprx vV4 03/12/18 240 Download QR
shelldatesecbat.suprx vV3 08/07/17 270 Download QR
shellsecbat.suprx vV3 08/07/17 291 Download QR
shelldatesecbat.suprx vV2 08/03/17 283 Download QR
shellsecbat.suprx vV2 08/03/17 278 Download QR
shelldatesecbat.suprx vV1 07/31/17 284 Download QR
shellsecbat.suprx vV1 07/31/17 262 Download QR
shellsecbat.suprx vV0 07/30/17 286 Download QR
shellsecbat.suprx v8 07/12/18 207 Download QR
shellsecbat.suprx v7 07/04/18 270 Download QR
shellsecbat.suprx v6 07/02/18 189 Download QR
shellsecbat.suprx v5 03/14/18 237 Download QR