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bookr-mod-vita v0.3.1 by pathway27
Last Release: Oct 14, 2018
Downloads: 2115

A book reader for the Vita. Still a work in progress. PDFs soon™
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
bookr-mod-vita-v0.3.1.vpk v0.3.1 10/14/18 494 Download QR
### Changes

- Fixed an issue with rotation which resulted in incorrect scaling (#15). Now handling page bounds transforms with individual matrices.
- Rotation and scaling information is now in bookmarks and state when exiting.
- Tools menu shows action and sub-actions, e.g. to delete bookmarks.
- Fixed tools menu pixelation issue due to scaling font
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR voriginal 01/20/17 341 Download QR
bookr-mod-vita-v0.3.0.vpk v0.3.0 09/15/18 217 Download QR
bookr-mod-vita-unsafe.vpk v0.2.1 02/23/18 280 Download QR
bookr-mod-vita-v0.2.1.vpk v0.2.1 02/20/18 203 Download QR
bookr-mod-vita.vpk v0.2.0 02/18/18 165 Download QR
bookr-mod-vita.vpk v0.1.0 02/11/18 161 Download QR
bookr-mod-vita.vpk v0.0.1 03/19/17 219 Download QR