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taiHEN v0.11 by yifanlu
Last Release: Feb 21, 2018
Downloads: 2705

CFW framework for PS Vita
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
taihen.skprx v0.11 02/21/18 555 Download QR
Add delayed config loading to allow config to be reloaded from `module_start`. The main use-case here is if a kernel module defined in `*KERNEL` wishes to refresh the config. Previously there will be a use-after-free as it tries to free the old config while it is still being parsed. Now that's been fixed and it supports re-loading the config (delayed) after the first parse is complete.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
taihen.skprx v0.9 06/24/17 313 Download QR
taihen.skprx v0.8 05/25/17 289 Download QR
taihen.skprx v0.7 05/14/17 305 Download QR
taihen.skprx v0.6 12/13/16 268 Download QR
taihen.skprx v0.5 11/26/16 290 Download QR
taihen.skprx v0.4 11/14/16 296 Download QR
taihen.skprx v0.10 07/30/17 318 Download QR