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DSMotion v1.2 by OperationNT414C
Last Release: Aug 24, 2017
Downloads: 1826

Henkaku plugins which adds motion control support for PlayStation TV with DualShock controllers
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
dsmotion.skprx v1.2 08/24/17 354 Download QR
User plugin changes:
* Partially fix device orientation computation: highly improve camera stability and fix some inverted axis issues

Documentation changes:
* New limitation discovered: don't turn your controller upside down or the orientation computation will go wrong
* Explanation about some perceived inverted axis issues: please try to test the game behavior on a real PS Vita before reporting issues on this subject!
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
dsmotion.suprx v1.2 08/24/17 314 Download QR
dsmotion.skprx v1.1 08/21/17 285 Download QR
dsmotion.suprx v1.1 08/21/17 255 Download QR
dsmotion.skprx v1.0 08/19/17 286 Download QR
dsmotion.suprx v1.0 08/19/17 295 Download QR