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TropHAX v0.2 by SilicaAndPina/Nkekev
Last Release: Oct 29, 2017
Downloads: 1214

Universal trophy unlocker for psvita
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
trophax0.2.suprx v0.2 10/29/17 855 Download QR
# New features
Menu improvements and now you can unlock a single trophy by specifying its identifier.

# Installation
1. Put trophax.suprx into ux0:tai (or ur0:tai if u prefer)
2. Edit the config.txt file in that same 'tai' folder
3. At the bottom of config.txt put *ALL to use it on all games (or u can use a games titleid specifically)
4. Underneath that put in ux0:tai/trophax.suprx (or ur0:tai/trophax.suprx depending on what ur using)
5. Reload your henkaku configuration file from HENKAKU SETTINGS

# Usage
At any time in a game you can press SELECT+START to activate the plugin.
After the plugin is activated, a menu is shown with instructions (best to do at main menu)
Pressing L+R starts the full unlocker: A BLUE SCREEN OF SILICA will appear and start unlocking all trophys.
Pressing L+START starts the single unlocker: Use L+UP / L+DOWN to select the ID.
ID are basically the number position of the trophy you want in the trophy list.
WARNING: The ID starts at 0, so 0 is basically the platinum trophy.
Then when you get the id you want, press L+CIRCLE to unlock. Please wait some seconds for the first use, the first trophy is longer to unlock.

Keep in mind there is a risk you may get your PSN account banned if you use this plugin, so use at own risk (Even if nobody has been banned yet, the risk is globally the same as having your vita hacked imo).

# Credits
TropHax by [SilicaServer](

@SilicaAndPina - Lead Project Manager and Recon
@Pocxki - Idea/Trophy merchant/Lead Tester
@dots-tb - Lead Developer, Slave & Silica Victim
@zecoxao - Former Lead Developer, Free man
@Nkekev - Update 0.2 Lead Developer

further credits: theFlow for amphetamin, frangarcj for oClock

Extreme Testing Team: JustMulti, wosley
Testing Team: Levi

# Compatibility
Should work on 90% of games.

if that doesnt work, please leave an issue in the issues page
(With the ur0:/user/00/trophy/data/NPWR folders attached and the decrypted TRP / a place to dl the game from)

OR you could try using TrophyPatcher:

Also, TropHAX was confirmed working on 3.65 Henkaku.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
trophax.suprx v0.1 10/03/17 350 Download QR