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Easy Power Refresh v2.01 by ONElua
Last Release: Dec 6, 2017
Downloads: 928

This simple app was made for the users who wanted to have all the options mentioned above in the same vpk. With Easy Power Refresh you'll get the next options in an easy to use menu:

Restart PSVita -> This option will restart the console.
Shutdown PSVita -> This option will turn off the console.
Update DB -> This option will update your games DB (you will not lose the bubbles layout in the livearea).
NoNpDrm Games -> This option will search for non installed games in NoNpDrm format and install them (based on vitashell's Livearea Refresh).
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Easy-Power-Refresh.vpk v2.01 12/06/17 420 Download QR
### Changelog 2.01 ###
- Add Export Multimedia file : mp3, mp4, jpg, png (file must be in "ux0:Multimedia").<br>
- Add an batterie indicator.<br>
- New PIC0 and backgroung.<br>
- New ressources thanks to Chronoss.<br>
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Easy-Power-Refresh.vpk v2.00 11/10/17 205 Download QR
Easy-Power-Refresh.vpk v2.0 11/10/17 125 Download QR
EasyPowerRefresh.vpk v1.0 10/18/17 175 Download QR