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App DB Tool v6.0 by luck/kylon
Last Release: Jan 10, 2019
Downloads: 370

Appdb Tool can trigger a database update or completely reset your database WITHOUT losing your icons/folders layout!
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
App.db Tool v6.0 01/10/19 147 Download QR
Export and import your LiveArea layout
Wipe database without loosing your LiveArea
Refresh database
Export and wipe: Export your current LA layout and let the system create a new app.db
Export [no wipe]: Export your current LA layout
Import: Apply your backed up LA settings to the system app.db
Rebuild: Trigger a database update (No changes to your LA)
What makes this app different is that it will NOT backup/restore your app.db!

It will export/import your LiveArea settings instead,
so that you will not get stuck in a loop if your previous app.db was damaged,
and you will not loose your LA layout.

This is NOT a classic app.db backup/restore app.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
App DB Tool v2.0 03/26/17 210 Download QR