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USBMC v6U by yifanlu
Last Release: Dec 30, 2019
Downloads: 1076

This is VitaShell's patches for USB storage support as a standalone plugin. If loaded on startup (before SceShell), it will automatically mount the USB storage as ux0 instead of the memory card or internal memory.

Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
USBMC v6U 12/30/19 39 Download QR
USBMC (plugin) v6U 12/30/19 37 Download QR
* Added support for 3.69,3.70,3.71,3.72,3.73
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
usbmc_installer.vpk v6 06/25/18 370 Download QR
usbmc_installer.vpk v6 06/20/18 157 Download QR
usbmc_installer.vpk v5 03/13/18 234 Download QR
usbmc_installer.vpk v4 07/31/17 213 Download QR