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Zelda - Time to Triumph v1.1 by usineur
Last Release: Oct 31, 2017
Downloads: 154

Zelda Time to Triumph
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Zelda3T.vpk v1.1 10/31/17 109 Download QR
Port of Zelda Time to Triumph for PS Vita

Note: saves can be found in --> ux0:data/z3t/save directory.

On game selection screen / Inside inventory
D-Pad Navigate
Cross Select game / Close inventory

Left stick Move Link
Right stick Look around
Cross Carry without gloves / Confirm / Pass text
Circle Read / Open / Speak
Square Use weapon
Triangle Use selected object
L See the map
R Run
Right D-Pad Item selection
Up D-Pad See defeated monsters
Left D-Pad See barter items
Down D-Pad See fishes
L + R Oni Link transformation
Select Display help
Start Save quit

Vincent Jouillat, for Original game
Nop90, for:
his 3DS port that contains several memory leaks fixes I included in this port.
the "Impulse tracker" musics provided in his fork
littlebalup, for key mapping inspiration

Fix more memory leaks
External datas are not required anymore (about 195 Mb space gained)


First public release
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Zelda - Time to Triumph v1.0 10/20/17 40 Download QR