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Dead Space v1.2 by v-atamanenko
Last Release: Nov 6, 2022
Downloads: 166

Dead Space is a 2011 survival horror mobile game for iOS and Android devices. A spin-off within the Dead Space series, the game is set after the events of original Dead Space and prior to the events of Dead Space 2 and shows how the Necromorph outbreak began and spread through the Titan Sprawl.
This homebrew is a loader of the Xperia Play release of Dead Space, based on the Android SO Loader by TheFloW. The loader provides a tailored, minimalistic Android-like environment to run the official ARMv6 game executable on the PS Vita.
Please, read the installation instructions on GitHub.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Dead Space v1.2 11/06/22 90 Download QR
Please read the repository readme for installation instructions.
— Fixed left analog stick interference with on-screen controls in menu and HUD.
— Fixed freezing issue (when audio continues playing but the visuals are stuck).
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Dead Space v1.1 11/05/22 20 Download QR
DeadSpace.vpk v1.0 10/29/22 56 Download QR