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vita-ftp-client v1.52 by cy33hc
Last Release: Dec 13, 2022
Downloads: 448

Simple FTP Client App for Vita
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
vita-ftp-client v1.52 12/13/22 247 Download QR

Fixed bug when if you try rename a file without changing the name, the file got deleted instead

Improved the upload/download speed. At least from my testing on pstv lan cable it increase from 3.7MB/s to 6.2MB/s.

Fixed bug where latin fonts weren't loaded. Caused by previous code change from 1.49.

Add Ryukyuan language. This is also a non-standard PSVITA system language, so edit the "ux0:data/FTPCLI001/config.ini" file and update the "language" setting to "Ryukyuan"

Add Indonesian language. This is also a non-standard PSVITA system language, so edit the "ux0:data/FTPCLI001/config.ini" file and update the "language" setting to "Indonesian"

Fix bug where selecting a file will cause a folder change in the next folder selected
Only warn once if iTLS-Enso is not installed.

Disable suspend when a file transfer is in progress. This prevents the VITA going to sleep while transferring large files.

Some fixes for Portuguese_BR translation

Fix the flicker when open the IME input editor. NOTE: Still can't figure out what's causing the crash after opening the IME multiple times.

Added Croatian language translation. This is also a non-standard PSVITA system language, so edit the "ux0:data/FTPCLI001/config.ini" file and update the "language" setting to "Croatian"

Added Catalan, Euskera and Galego translations. These are non standard PSVITA system languages that cannot be auto detected by the application, so users need to edit the "ux0:data/FTPCLI001/config.ini" file and update the "language" setting to either Catalan, Euskera or Galego.

Added Chinese Simplified/Traditional and Japanese language

Added support for languages Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese_BR, Russian and Spanish
Some UI adjustments to catered for the various languages
Add a tooltip to display full filename, while hovering over a file that can't fit in the displayed column

iTLS-Enso only needed on Firmware below 3.68

Add support for multiple languages. Currently only have lang/English.ini. Please submit translations by using the lang/English.ini as a template.
App won't crash if libshacccg.suprx is missing. Instead it will print a message.

Rebuilt app with imgui-vita library which seem to completely fix the random crash when changing folders. Note: This doesn't fix the random crash in the IME input still.
Note: The imgui-vita needs libshacccg.suprx extracted. If you experience crash after upgrade please follow the following guide to extract it.


Add support for multiple sites
Fix more random crashes when changing between folders and disconnect from FTP.
Fixed an issue after suspend and a download happens, it will create a 0 byte file. App will always check if connection exists before upload or download a file.

added compatibility with VitaShell FTP server
display the app version in the Title

Fix a potential crash when changing folder

Fix an infinite search loop

Add ability to use the L1/R1 buttons to move between the Local and Remote file browser

Add progressbar indicator when uploading/downloading files
Add tooltip to local/remote directory field to display full path
Show date/time in the local user timezone in the Properties dialog
Remove the "." and ".." folder returned from some implements of the LIST cmd
Initial Release
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
ftpclient.vpk vlatest 07/29/22 85 Download QR
vita-ftp-client v1.51 11/22/22 116 Download QR