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VitaDB Downloader v1.7 by Rinnegatamante
Last Release: Nov 12, 2022
Downloads: 743

VitaDB Downloader is the official Vita client for VitaDB allowing to easily install homebrews from VitaDB directly from your PSVITA/PSTV.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
VitaDB Downloader v1.7 11/12/22 136 Download QR
VitaDB Downloader data v1.7 11/12/22 64 Download QR
Added an optional auto-updater daemon for installed Vita homebrews. It will check for any homebrew update every hour and at console boot even with VitaDB Downloader closed and send a notification to quickly perform the update.
Added an auto-downloader and extractor of libshacccg.suprx if this is missing.
Added proper support for PSP homebrews over different locations based on Adrenaline settings.
Fixed a bug causing all PSP homebrews to be categorized as Original Games.
Now requirements popup won't show up for homebrews requiring only libshacccg.suprx since already present if VitaDB Downloader is being used.
Added an optional kubridge.skprx updater/installer when attempting to install an homebrew requiring it.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
VitaDB.vpk vNightly 09/20/22 20 Download QR vNightly 09/20/22 23 Download QR
VitaDB Downloader v1.6 10/17/22 96 Download QR
VitaDB.vpk v.1.5 09/14/22 191 Download QR v.1.5 09/14/22 57 Download QR
VitaDB.vpk v.1.4 09/09/22 21 Download QR v.1.4 09/09/22 20 Download QR
VitaDB.vpk v.1.3 09/07/22 19 Download QR v.1.3 09/07/22 18 Download QR
VitaDB.vpk v.1.2 09/06/22 20 Download QR v.1.2 09/06/22 18 Download QR
VitaDB.vpk v.1.1 09/06/22 18 Download QR v.1.1 09/06/22 22 Download QR