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VitaKeyboard v0.1 alpha by mswlandi
Last Release: Jan 29, 2022
Downloads: 131

VitaKeyboard is a plugin and application for PS Vita that lets you use it as a USB Keyboard. The host will think your vita is an actual keyboard.

Installation and Setup
Add hidkeyboard.skprx to taiHEN's config (ur0:/tai/config.txt):
Install vitakeyboard.vpk
Reboot the vita to load the kernel plugin
On the host computer, make sure you're using the English (US) QWERTY layout
About Special Characters
vitakeyboard emulates an actual physical keyboard that would use the English (US) layout, so only characters that are in a normal keyboard with that layout are sent. If other layouts were to be supported, some characters still wouldn't easily be sent. For example, when using the Portuguese (Brazil) layout, to send the special character á (that you can find on the vita's virtual keyboard), you'd have to first hit the ´ key and then the a key.

hnaves for making hidmouse and xerpi for porting it to vita, of which this is a fork from
xerpi for making vitastick, from which a lot of this code is based on (looking back, it would probably be easier to fork from it lol)
SonicMastr for help with libime and loading modules
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VitaKeyboard v0.1 alpha 01/29/22 131 Download QR
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR