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Dead Knight Vita v1.0 by rodentcat
Last Release: Jan 24, 2022
Downloads: 188

A port of Dead Knight: Pocket Edition for Vita !

After a while of experimenting and trying to figure out how the heck this was done ... I figured it out. All credit goes to m1s3ry ! I may not know them personally, or at all really, but that repository let me know this was possible and gave me a slight idea on how to do it.

And to test this out, I wanted to port just some random game I had lying around on my hard drive... This one actually

So, what you'll wanna do is... Download and DeadKnight.vpk. Install the VPK first on your Vita, and then use the patcher. How, you may ask ?


STEP 1 !!!

Download the patcher.

STEP 2 !!!!

Download Dead Knight Pocket Edition from the link, and rename "Dead Knight - Pocket Edition.exe" to "DEAD.exe", without quotes. Put it in the folder you extracted the patcher into !

STEP 3 !!!!!!

Run MakeTheIdiotDoTheThing.bat. I don't know what exactly posessed me to name it that, but it is what it is.

STEP 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Put the contents -- NOT THE FOLDER ITSELF, ONLY THE CONTENTS OF IT -- into /app/DEADKNI01/games on your Vita. I should also mention that it says that once you finish the .bat file too.

step 5 :)

You did it :D

So uh, yeah. Local idiot Elizabeth Sunner learns how nonsense works.

~ Elizabeth (RODENT-CAT)
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Dead Knight Vita v1.0 01/30/22 97 Download QR v1.0 01/24/22 91 Download QR
Follow the instructions in the readme ! :D

Lemme know if I messed up anywhere...
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