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blues-vita v1.0 by v-atamanenko
Last Release: Jan 17, 2022
Downloads: 244

This is a rewrite of the Blues Brothers and Blues Brothers: Jukebox Adventure game engines developed by Titus Interactive.There is also support for Prehistorik 2.

Blues Brothers
The data files of the Amiga or DOS version, full game or demo, are required.

*.BIN, *.CK1, *.CK2, *.SQL, *.SQV, *.SQZ
For sounds and music, the Amiga version files or the ExoticA set need to be copied.

Jukebox Adventure
The data files of the DOS version are required.

*.EAT, *.MOD
Prehistorik 2
The data files of the DOS version, full game or demo, are required.

*.SQZ, *.TRK
Compared to the original DOS executables, the rewritten engines feature :

horizontal scrolling
configurable screen size
game cheats : unlimited lifes and energy, no hit
By default, the executable loads the data files from the current directory. This can be changed using command line switches.

Usage: blues [OPTIONS]...
--datapath=PATH Path to data files (default '.')
--level=NUM Start at level NUM
--cheats=MASK Cheats bitmask
--startpos=XxY Start at position (X,Y)
--fullscreen Enable fullscreen
--scale=N Graphics scaling factor (default 2)
--filter=NAME Graphics scaling filter (default 'nearest')
--screensize=WxH Graphics screen size (default 320x200)
--cga Enable CGA colors
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
blues-vita v1.0 01/17/22 92 Download QR
blues-vita(bb-jukebox) v1.0 01/19/22 74 Download QR
blues-vita(prehistorik-2) v1.0 01/17/22 78 Download QR
**Note:** Prehistorik 2 is still available for purchase on [Steam]( and [GoG]( For this game, only the **free DEMO** data is included. To play the full game, purchase it in one of the stores and replace all files in `ux0:app/PREHIST01/data` with the data files of your own copy (data files are those of *.SQZ and *.TRK formats)
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR