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Bartender v1.0 by island-games
Last Release: Nov 10, 2021
Downloads: 25

This is a homebrew implementation of the trophy system for the PSVita. The trophies unlocked in this ecosystem do not merge with the official trophies on the PSVita.

How to Use
In order to gain access to the Bartender ecosystem you must create a user account. User accounts are creating in the log in screen which is accssed upon the booting of the app. Scroll down to the "Sign Up" button and press the cross button. Fill in a valid email address, username, and password, followed by pressing the "Submit" button. This will return you back to the main login page. In this page, fill in your username and password follwed by pressing the login button. This will log you into the app.

If this is your first time using the app you will be greeted with a blank list. The list is blank because you do not have any games that utilize the Bartender trophy system. You can find one of those games here Install and run that game at least once to add the game to your list. Once a game has been added, while in the Game List screen of the app, you can press the "Cross" button to open up a game and view the available trophies. Pressing the "Cross" button while in the "Trophy" list screen will open the trophy for viewing.

Trophy unlocks are stored on the Bartender server after a sync, so you do not have to worry about deleting a trophy pack or jumping to your second device to play the same game. However, if you do have any previous trophy unlocks in a game and switch devices you will need to manually resync your trophy packs to get them back in line. This is done by pressing the "Triangle" button on the Games List screen in the app. This may change to an automatic process in future updates, but I am currently too worried about my server resources.

Why the Name?
When you are on an island there is nothing better than a nice cold drink. Besides me just loving alcohol, the name comes from the theme of the app. Instead of the tradional trophy levels I use different drinks.

Rum and Coke == Bronze

Mojito == Silver

PiƱa Colada == Gold

Vita Island Ice Tea == Platinum

The more drinks you acquire the higher your Bar Tab grows. The Top 100 Bar Tabs are featured on the Top 100 page. This page is accessed by tapping the "Bartender's Top 100" button when you open up the Bartender bubble.

Will there be any updates?
If anyone finds any bugs I will be sure to do my best to fix them in a timely manner. In regards to features, I may do a custom theme update in the future, but honestly I am a bit on the fence about that. Same goes for touch controls, but if there is a big enough demand for it then I will try to make time.

When will you release the library so we can make our own games with trophies?
Sooner than later. I want people to play the game I created to show this feature off first. That way it is a bit more controlled and I can have an easier time finding bugs. Follow my twitter account for more information about the release.

Credits and Special Thanks
Thank you @GideonOnGaming for creating the logo and thank you @SomeonPC for creating the theme.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Bartender.vpk v1.0 11/10/21 12 Download QR
This is the initial release of the Bartender app.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Bartender v1.0 11/10/21 13 Download QR