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RetroFlow-Launcher v4.0.1 by jimbob4000
Last Release: Sep 18, 2022
Downloads: 1241

This is a modded version of HexFlow Launcher; a 3d coverflow like launcher for PS Vita.

This version includes categories for retro games which can be launched without bubbles for RetroArch and DaedalusX64. Playstation and PSP games can also be launched without having to create bubbles for every game!

Display and launch your retro games and homebrews in style.
RetroFlow Launcher features a 3d user interface to display your games with their box art and supports many customization options like custom covers and backgrounds.

Launching a game or app from RetroFlow Launcher will close the launcher automaticaly without asking.

Supported systems:
PS Vita, PSP, Playstation, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, Game Boy, Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear.

DaedalusX64 is required for N64 games. RetroArch is required for other retro systems. Adrenaline is required for Playstation and PSP games.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
RetroFlow.Adrenaline.Launcher.v2.0.vpk v4.0.1 09/18/22 19 Download QR
RetroFlow_v4.0.1.vpk v4.0.1 09/18/22 16 Download QR
**Bug fixes**

- Fixed Neo Geo category showing FBA games
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
RetroFlow.Adrenaline.Launcher.v2.0.vpk v3.6 08/13/22 7 Download QR
RetroFlow_v3.6.1.vpk v3.6 08/14/22 7 Download QR
RetroFlow-Launcher v3.0 11/13/21 261 Download QR
RetroFlow-Launcher v2.1 10/28/21 94 Download QR
RetroFlow-Launcher (adrenaline) v2.1 10/28/21 81 Download QR
RetroFlow.Adrenaline.Launcher.v1.0.vpk v2.0 10/24/21 60 Download QR
RetroFlow_v2.0.vpk v2.0 10/24/21 106 Download QR
RetroFlow_v1.2.vpk v1.2 10/24/21 66 Download QR
RetroFlow_DaedalusX64_Launcher_v1.0.vpk v1.1 08/30/21 54 Download QR
RetroFlow_Retroarch_Launcher_v1.0.vpk v1.1 08/30/21 52 Download QR
RetroFlow_v1.1.vpk v1.1 08/30/21 135 Download QR
RetroFlow-Launcher (adrenaline) v1.0 11/13/21 102 Download QR
RetroFlow_DaedalusX64_Launcher_v1.0.vpk v1.0 08/29/21 54 Download QR
RetroFlow_Retroarch_Launcher_v1.0.vpk v1.0 08/29/21 55 Download QR
RetroFlow_v1.0.vpk v1.0 08/30/21 66 Download QR