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Augustus v3.1.0 by Keriew
Last Release: Nov 25, 2021
Downloads: 193

Augustus is a fork of the Julius project that intends to incorporate gameplay changes.
The aim of this project is to provide enhanced, customizable gameplay to Caesar 3 using project Julius UI enhancements.

Augustus is able to load Caesar 3 and Julius saves, however saves made with Augustus will not work outside Augustus.

Gameplay enhancements include:

Market special orders
Global labour pool
Partial warehouse storage
Increased game limits
Zoom controls
And more!
Because of gameplay changes and additions, save files from Augustus are NOT compatible with Caesar 3 or Julius. Augustus is able to load Caesar 3 save files, but not the other way around. If you want vanilla experience with visual and UI improvements, or want to use save files in base Caesar 3, check Julius.

Augustus, like Julius, requires the original assets (graphics, sounds, etc) from Caesar 3 to run. Augustus optionally supports the high-quality MP3 files once provided on the Sierra website.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
augustus-3.1.0-vita.vpk v3.1.0 11/25/21 9 Download QR v3.1.0 11/25/21 9 Download QR

- Added video volume slider.
- Resource settings window can now be accessed by right-clicking on the requested resource.
- Added hotkeys for copying and pasting settings of select buildings, allowing to quickly set the same settings to buildings of the same type. Buildings supported: roadblocks, garden gates, docks, granaries, warehouses and markets.
- Added a difficulty option to adjust the max number of allowed grand temples per city.
- Added information to log if an asset can't be found.
- Added squalor as an explanation of why people are unhappy.
- Added lararium count to religion advisor.
- Added Hippodrome betting system.
- Added roofed garden walls.
- Added garden wall gates. By dragging roofed or looped garden walls over the road tiles, you can create garden wall gates, which function like roadblocks.
- Added palisades, which function as cheaper walls.
- Added generic phrases to lighthouse/caravanserai collectors.
- Added resource stockpiling as an option to production buildings and warehouses. Production buildings with it set on will deliver their goods straight to the warehouse. Warehouses with that option on won't deliver their goods to workshops/granaries.
- Added mothball, enemies, and warehouse overlays.
- Many old buildings show their previously unused descriptions now.
- Unfinished monuments now have a city sound.
- Added an option to have number separators for larger numbers.


- Increase the number of traders visiting the town, which was unintentionally too low in 3.0.1.
- Trade Center mechanic removed from the warehouses.
- Changed the Caravanserai supplier image.
- Assets can now be loaded from Augustus directory instead of C3 directory.
- Lower the cost of Larariums.
- Aqueducts may now no longer be built along the road.
- Reduced Lararium desirability.
- Image ids are now recalculated on city load.
- Mausoleums and Nymphaeums count as oracles now on the religion advisor screen.
- Monuments now require full labour to get bonuses.
- Mothball button now has its own icon.
- Granaries' capacity increased to 3200.
- When turning off stockpiling, the export settings is reverted to what it was before stockpiling.
- Changed the graphics in storage permission from 'x' to a checkmark.
- Touch zoom will now stick to 100% when close to it.
- Warehouses now have flags that show the warehouse permission.
- Houses can now stock and eat more food types than necessary by their evolution level. (Only applies to houses which require food).
- Most of the new Augustus buildings are now unavailable in the first career mission.
- Venus temples will now not distribute the wine by default when the appropriate Grand Temple module is built.
- Cartpushers won't deliver excess resources to workshops if there is an undersupplied workshop in a different road network.
- Farms will now display ghosts with proper crops and rotation depending on the city orientation.
- Neptune Grand Temple with the reservoir epithet now shows on water overlay.
- Large insulas will now devolve into a merged medium insula instead of 4 1x1 insulas, if the merging was allowed there.
- Arenas and Colosseum now count their shows separately for the purposes of the entertainment advisor.
- Changed the promotion popup window.
- Increased the bonus coverage for upgraded cultural venues. (Upgraded buildings now: Theater 1200, School 225, Library 1700, Academy 200).


- Fixed incorrect Grand Temple module being selected when some modules are unavailable
- Fixed incorrect arena messages.
- Fixed picking of the venues by entertainers from the schools.
- Fixed Supply Post displaying incorrect ghosts.
- Fixed building variants being reset to default one when saving/reloading.
- Fixed the bug that stopped the progress of building a rotated hippodrome.
- Unfinished oracles no longer appease the gods.
- Unfinished monuments no longer consume levies.
- Arenas and taverns no longer provide permanent entertainment.
- Rotated small mausoleums no longer become incomplete on reloading.
- Fixed a condition causing market suppliers to return before picking up food at a granary.
- Fixed some large temples becoming finished/unfinished on reloading.
- Mars module now properly reduces fort levies.
- Dockers inherited by wharf will now properly be removed.
- Fixed audio distortion when volume is set too low.
- Fixed rotated legionary statues glitching out on reloading.
- Fixed multibyte character transparency.
- Fixed trade route type tooltip position on the empire map.
- Fixed crash when there are errors loading xml files.
- Fixed enemies sometimes getting stuck.
- Mercury's Grand Temple modules now properly reduce consumption by 20%.
- Mercury's Grand Temple modules now reduce the consumption of the proper goods.
- Monuments under construction will no longer play the finished monument city sound.
- Assignment editor will now display the correct help and about messages.
- Fixed Tavern text when not adjacent to a road.
- Fixed architect monument builder images not showing.
- Levy overlay will now display the proper levies.
- Fixed Celtic swordsmen walking animation.
- Warehouses and granaries now properly indicate their cartpusher’s status.
- Caravanserai walkers now use proper sound files.
- Fixed religion overlay columns.
- Zoom now works independent of FPS.
- Fixed a bug that prevented touch zoom.
- When selecting games from the Colosseum, the proper advisor will be marked as selected.
- Fixed issues with the touch pause button.
- Fixed mouse input bug with numerical ranges in the config window.
- Large temples will now properly display the warning about the lack of road access.
- Unfinished Venus and Ceres large temples with certain grand temple bonuses will no longer display special orders.
- Venus and Ceres large temples will now save and load their state properly.
- Fixed gladiator fighting animation.
- Fountain employment will now be properly displayed when the city has the Grand Neptune temple.
- Additional food types will now grant a proper bonus to sentiment.
- Fixed population color on top menu on 640x480 resolution.
- Fixed settings sometimes not saving on android.
- Fixed work camps sometimes taking unnecessary resources to monuments.
- Fixed work camps and architect guilds not needing labour access.
- Fixed mothballed buildings being immune to collapse from enemies.
- Fixed a memory leak.
- Fixed some issues with rotated warehouses.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
augustus-3.0.1-vita.vpk v3.0.1 05/17/21 22 Download QR v3.0.1 05/17/21 12 Download QR v2.0.1 11/16/20 11 Download QR v2.0.1 11/16/20 10 Download QR v2.0.1 11/16/20 11 Download QR v2.0.0 11/12/20 10 Download QR v2.0.0 11/12/20 10 Download QR v2.0.0 11/12/20 10 Download QR v1.4.1a 06/09/20 12 Download QR v1.4.1a 06/09/20 10 Download QR v1.4.1 06/09/20 12 Download QR v1.4.1 06/09/20 10 Download QR v1.4.0 06/05/20 18 Download QR v1.4.0 06/05/20 13 Download QR