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SuDokuL v1.2 by Mips96
Last Release: Apr 12, 2022
Downloads: 999

This is a Sudoku game made in C++ and SDL2. It's currently available for Switch, Wii U, Vita, and PC.

Play Sudoku puzzles of Easy, Normal, Hard, or Very Hard difficulty
These puzzles are generated on-demand using a built-in algorithm; however, to eliminate computation time on weaker devices, Hard and Very Hard puzzles have been pre-generated.
Mouse, keyboard, controller, and touch screen support
Supports many resolution options ranging from 320x240 to 5120x2160
Scrolling background with customizable settings (size, scroll speed, angle)
Calm and envigorating MOD music to suit your mood
Shaded text for a nice, 3D look
Runs on a potato
Optional auto-fill cheat, in case you get stuck
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR v1.2 04/12/22 47 Download QR
### Final Update(?)

New additions:
- **Ported to PSP!**
- I'm not sure if this works on a real PSP-1000 (the model with less RAM). It should work - it runs in PPSSPP set to PSP-1000 mode - but I haven't tested it myself on a real 1000 model.
- **Added integer scaling option** (enabled by default) for resolutions that are smaller than the actual screen resolution
- This replaces the old Fullscreen menu option (PC users can still toggle fullscreen by pressing F)
- This does nothing on Android since the Android version always runs at native resolution; instead, Android gets a toggle for showing/hiding the top status bar
- When using a resolution that's smaller than the screen's resolution, the window is now rendered to the center of the screen, meaning **consoles can now make better use of smaller resolutions**
- This does not work on PSP since its version of SDL_RenderSetViewport() doesn't work properly
- (Suggestion for handheld Switch and Wii U gamepad users - try setting the resolution to 720p/480p resolution respectively with integer scaling turned off for (very close to) native resolution on handheld! Widescreen 240p also looks great on these systems)
- **Added a loading screen** upon booting the game instead of staying on a blank screen until everything is loaded
- Added 240p, 272p, and 544p logos so **the logo now looks clearer** on those displays (like the Vita)
- Added a few more **resolution options**
- **Adjusted grid number positions on Vita** so they don't bleed into the grid
- **Fixed a bug involving mouse/touch controls** when used alongside button controls
- Fixed the background randomly jumping around upon loading a puzzle
- Pressing L/R to change songs now saves the current song setting
- The controls screen now properly reflects swapped Confirm/Back buttons
- Reduced number of button presses required for the cheat from 10 to 8
- **A LOT of other polish/minor bug fixes**

This will most likely be the final update; I've fixed all the bugs I know of, ported to all the systems I want to port to that support SDL2, and given a little something back to the PSP community that kicked off my interest in homebrew so many years ago. So...

Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR v1.12 03/20/22 49 Download QR v1.11 10/05/21 60 Download QR v1.11 10/05/21 70 Download QR v1.11 10/05/21 72 Download QR v1.11 10/05/21 59 Download QR v1.11 10/05/21 64 Download QR v1.1 10/05/21 102 Download QR v1.1 10/04/21 66 Download QR v1.1 10/04/21 78 Download QR v1.1 10/04/21 70 Download QR v1.1 10/04/21 63 Download QR v1.0 10/03/21 63 Download QR v1.0 10/03/21 63 Download QR v1.0 10/03/21 70 Download QR