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Better Homebrew Browser v1.0 by Ibrahim778
Last Release: Nov 7, 2022
Downloads: 20037

It is the second ever app to use Sony's PlayStation Application Framework (PAF).
It is multithreaded, so you won’t get stopped by a single screenshot
It doesn't take 10 minutes to load (cough)
It has background downloading
It can download from both CBPS-DB and VitaDB
It looks, sounds feels almost exactly like the official PlayStation Store App
It can be opened alongside other apps
It has tunes (Yes, I ran out of things now)
Background downloads will be terminated without warning when you open an enlarged memory mode game. There is no way to avoid this, but it's not a problem in most cases.
Sometimes it crashes on boot. In this case reboot and next time you launch the app hold L
This is an open beta. So don't be suprised if it crashes
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Better Homebrew Browser v1.0 11/07/22 1396 Download QR
- Completely remade most of the app from the ground up
- New page design and layout
- Added data file support
- Now uses official SceDownload for downloading apps and files, thus, background downloads will no longer be terminated when opening an enlarged memory mode game
- More polish, should crash less
- Requires iTLS-Enso
- DELETE ux0:data/betterHomebrewBrowser before using this build!!
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
BetterHomebrewBrowser.vpk v0.5B 10/25/21 279 Download QR
BetterHomebrewBrowser.vpk v0.51B 10/26/21 17361 Download QR
Better Homebrew Browser v0.4B 10/17/21 417 Download QR
BetterHomebrewBrowser.vpk v0.3B 10/09/21 147 Download QR
BetterHomebrewBrowser.vpk v0.32B 10/10/21 208 Download QR
BetterHomebrewBrowser.vpk v0.2B 10/09/21 115 Download QR
BetterHomebrewBrowser.vpk v0.1B 10/09/21 105 Download QR