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ZGloom-Vita v2.1.1 by JetStreamSham
Last Release: Sep 20, 2021
Downloads: 99

ZGloom is a re-implementation of Amiga FPS Gloom, including support for Zombie Massacre.
Gloom was a 1995 Doom-clone from Black Magic Software for Commodore Amiga. It had very messy and meaty graphics and needed a very powerful Amiga computer back then. It had several official successors like Gloom Deluxe/Ultimate Gloom (a graphical enhanced Gloom), Gloom 3 and Zombie Massacre.
Gloom was made freely available by its developers. Also other games with the engine like Gloom 3 or Zombie Massacre can be downloaded for free on Aminet. Otherwise you can take the original game files from your game installation.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
ZGloom-Vita v2.1.1 09/20/21 45 Download QR
This updated includes all the fixes and features since 1.0.2.
**Those are...**

- Fixed many bugs!!!
- Generic game icon
- Loading screen
- Livearea support for the other three Gloom-engine games (Gloom Deluxe, Gloom 3 and Zombie Massacre)
- Cheatmode selector for the game (it's really difficulty sometimes)
- Added the original manual
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
ZGloom.vpk v1.0.2 08/24/21 20 Download QR
ZGloom.vpk v1.0.0 08/19/21 34 Download QR