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Space Cadet Pinball Vita v1.1.1 by Axiom
Last Release: Sep 20, 2021
Downloads: 52

Ported to PS Vita by Axiom. The game compiled without any complaints on PS Vita just by passing the appropriate CMake Flags.

Initial tweaks have been made to get the game feature complete, but for now it's just the barebones.


X - Plunger

L - Left Bumper

R - Right Bumper

Touch Screen - For now, just the IMGUI gui.
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This is the second public Vita Build of 3D Space Cadet Pinball (from Win95/98/XP originally).
By me, this build will be referred to as "Vita Build 2" or VB2.

In order for the game to run, you will need to place your legally obtained data files from your preferred version of Windows into

All the MIDI files and sound config files should be copied.

This version changes the following:

- Rip out SDL_Mixer in favor or SDL_Mixer_X (by Wohlstand:
- TODO: Fully switch license to GPLv3 & ensure licenses are visible in app.
- Update ImGui implementation to latest version
- Allow ImGui SDL renderer to create and destroy font textures (adding support for custom fonts)
- Fix MIDI Loading by initializing SDL_Mixer with proper MIDI flags.
- Added custom Win95 style including SIL Open Font W95FA by FontsArena (
- Please leave suggestions for further themes, I would love to add the options!
- Add new menu for switching MIDI Device Emulator on-the-fly between libADLMIDI and libOPNMIDI
- Also adds menus for switching libADLMIDI emulator and sound banks (again, on the fly!). There are at least 78 sound banks to choose from.
- All of these new options are saved and remembered as part of the game's native saving system.
- Bind DPad Left and Right to table bump left/right
- Bind DPad down to table bump down.
- Attempt to add a short button delay to avoid menu chaos on the Vita

Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Space Cadet Pinball Vita v1.1.1 09/20/21 52 Download QR