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TheXTech v1.3.5.1 Alpha by suicvne
Last Release: Aug 29, 2021
Downloads: 15

The Vita version is based off the latest master branch and technically has features from v1.3.5.2 and v1.3.6 (WIP).
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The version number has incremented to 1.3.6 because that's the work in progress version this build is based off of.

## Fixes in this version:

- [VITA SPECIFIC] Check for libshacccg in ur0:data/libshacccg.suprx or ur0:data/external/libshacccg.suprx. If it's not present, the game will now show an error message and gracefully close the process.
- [VITA SPECIFIC] Add the code path necessary to get graphics masks working in the Vita version. It's possible that some graphics may still show up incorrectly due to missing masks all together. However, gif + mask pairs should work 100% of the time.
- [VITA SPECIFIC] Fix a bug where textures weren't being properly tracked and freed due to logic checking an incorrect texture. This could fix some of the background problems that happen the longer you play the game.
- [TheXTech Improvement] Fix issue #171

Check out the README for more information and developer comments.
Assets from just about any game using TheXTech can be dropped in. However, the most popular one is the [SMBX config](



### New libshacccg warning:


### AFTER:
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TheXTech v1.3.5.1 Alpha 08/29/21 19 Download QR