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UX0 to SD CloneTool v2.1b by AntHJ
Last Release: Aug 24, 2021
Downloads: 188

This simple to use tool has been designed to semi-automate the SD migration process. It will assign your memory allocations, and clone your Sony memory to the SD. Works with SD2Vita, PSVSD and USB on PSTVs and Vitas.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR v2.1b 08/24/21 57 Download QR
UX0toSD-v2.1b.vpk v2.1b 08/25/21 131 Download QR

Quick and easy solution to setup your SD card allocations and automatically clone the UX0 to your card..
Compatible with SD2Vita, PSVSD and USB on PSTV and Vita consoles..

1 - Run the app,
2 - Select your storage device (system them reboots)
3 - Run the app again,
4 - The app should detects your SD and clones the current storage to the card, reboots again and you should now have your SD as your primary storage..

** This now includes 2 options for preparing your SD **
1. I have included my own FormatTool that runs on the PC to check, partition and properly format your SD card, this can also possibly detect fake SD cards..

2. I have included SKGleba's StorageFormat tool that runs on the Vita itself to properly format the SD.. this is a much easier way of preparing your SD card BUT! if your card is a fake but manages to format, you may not notice until you run into issues..
(this option is NOT shown in my video demonstration)
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR