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FF3-Vita v1.1 by frangarcj
Last Release: Sep 1, 2021
Downloads: 111

This is a wrapper/port of Final Fantasy 3 Android for the PS Vita.
The port works by loading the official Android ARMv7 executable in memory, resolving its imports with native functions and patching it in order to properly run.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
FF3.vpk v1.1 09/01/21 83 Download QR
- Opening video playback support.
- Fixed an issue causing the game to crash with plugins hooking sceDisplaySetFrameBuf.
- PostFX support.
- Fixed higher resolutions (720p,/1080i) support. Now works as intended.
- Added support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean languages.
- Configurator can now be launched from livearea.

Thanks to @Rinnegatamante and @Electric1447
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
FF3.vpk v1.0 08/25/21 29 Download QR