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stratagus-vita v3.1.3-vita.2 by Northfear
Last Release: Aug 7, 2021
Downloads: 190

The Stratagus strategy game engine

Wargus/War1gus requires extracted Warcraft 1/2 data in order to play the game.

So basically you'll have to install Wargus/War1gus on your PC, extract game data from original discs or GoG version and once you have a working PC version, you'll have to copy extracted game data to your Vita.

Install stratagus.vpk. Extract content of into ux0:data/.

Download Wargus/War1gus and install it to your PC (Only use the versions linked below, since version mismatch may cause problems)

On the first launch you will be asked for a copy of the original Warcraft 1/2. Select the path to the game or GoG installer and wait until installer extracts/ecodes the data.

Once the data is extracted and you have a working PC installation of Wargus/War1gus, it's time to copy the game data to Vita.

If you're were using portable version of Wargus/War1gus, then the extracted data should be in the installation folder. Otherwise the game data should be located at DocumentsStratagusdata.Wargus or DocumentsStratagusdata.War1gus (for Windows versions).

Copy campaigns, graphics, maps, music, sounds and videos from Wargus/War1gus data folders and paste them into ux0:data/Wargus/ for Wargus or into ux0:data/War1gus/ for War1gus.

Copy scripts/wc2-config.lua for Wargus or scripts/wc1-config.lua for War1gus and paste the file into ux0:data/Wargus/scripts//ux0:data/War1gus/scripts/.

Start the game.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
stratagus.vpk v3.1.3-vita.2 08/07/21 83 Download QR v3.1.3-vita.2 08/07/21 60 Download QR
Fixed a crash that was happening with Vita-Recorder plugin installed
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
stratagus.vpk v3.1.3-vita.1 08/06/21 23 Download QR v3.1.3-vita.1 08/06/21 23 Download QR