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ManaGunZ v1.31 by zar
Last Release: Dec 22, 2017
Downloads: 30109

This is another Backup Manager made from the ground. It allows you to mount a backup stored in your USB device or in the internal hdd as a virtual Blue-Ray using 4 differents UI : "List", "Grid", "XMB" and "Flow".

Release Thread:
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
FileManager v1.31 12/22/17 1105 Download
ManaGunZ v1.31 12/22/17 1690 Download
This is the initial release, but it is intended to be an "AIO backup manager".

ManaGunZ v1.31
Fix : Read&write file.
Fix : Support big files (+4GB).
Add : Italian, hungarian and spanish language.
Add : Support fw 4.82 CEX.
Fix : Some pnach wasn't applied correctly.
Fix : Issue with reading files from bin/cue disk image.
Add : Mount Game from file manager.
Fix : Removed the refresh window everytime you use an option, sometimes it's useless.
Add : CONFIG files extracted from softemu and gxemu.
Add : Improved PS2 CONFIG editor. See note (1).
Fix : Removed the DBCONFIG.txt system.
Add : Plugin Monitor, it allow you to load or unload a plugin.

Note :
The PS2 CONFIG editor is able to load CONFIG files and to display the result on the screen.
You'll be able to load :
- "NET" config files from '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/NET'. These are the CONFIG found in official ps2 classic pkg.
- "GX" config files from '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/GX'. These are the CONFIG extrated from gxemu.
- "SOFT" config files from '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/SOFT'. These are the CONFIG extrated from softemu.
- "CURRENT" config files from '[You PS2 Backup Path].CONFIG'. This config is currently used.
- "CUSTOM" config files from '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/CUSTOM'. These are unofficial CONFIG.

Morever, PS2 CONFIG editor check if the original data from the commandID : 0x9 & 0xA & 0xB matches with the data of your PS2 backup.
If it's not a match the commandID on your screen will be displayed in red.

Once it's loaded, you'll be able to ADD or REMOVE a command ID.
For now, you can only ADD the commands without parameter, the 'simple' ones.
You can add in CONFIG the patches from pnach files. So, the widescreen patches can be added.
You can add the patches '480' 'YFIX' and 'FMV skip' to the config too.

Finally, with the button START, it save your configuration to '[You PS2 Backup Path].CONFIG'. Also, if you edited the CONFIG then a backup of your config is stored in '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/CUSTOM' folder.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
ManaGunZ v1.30 11/11/17 1489 Download
ManaGunZ v1.29.1 09/16/17 540 Download
ManaGunZ v1.29 07/04/17 1988 Download
ManaGunZ v1.28 04/15/17 1707 Download
ManaGunZ v1.28 04/13/17 866 Download
ManaGunZ v1.27 02/13/17 1725 Download
ManaGunZ v1.26 12/09/16 1611 Download
ManaGunZ v1.25 (WIP) 07/28/16 3105 Download
ManaGunZ v1.21 03/28/15 7067 Download
ManaGunZ v1.10 03/13/15 2983 Download
ManaGunZ v1.00 01/29/15 3555 Download