Control Console API (CCAPI) v2.70r6 by Enstone
Last Release: Jan 15, 2017
Downloads: 71478

ControlConsoleAPI (aka CCAPI) is an API for PS3 and PC similar to TMAPI on DEX console. But this one "CCAPI" works for CEX and DEX.

CcApi_package_2.70_Rev6.rar (Console App for PC, PS3Lib v4.3 DLL, PKG to install CCAPI 2.70 on PS3)

It will give you those features :


- Compatibility with console CEX / DEX / SEX.
- Debug non-fself & fself in real time (vsh.self for example can be debugged in rte, or any game with non debug eboot)
- Debugging kernel in real time (and lv2_kernel.self lv1.self).
*Classic functions (RTE on CEX + DEX):
- Get process memory.
- Place a job in memory.
- Shutdown and restart the console.
- Working through Wireless.
- Bypass exec pages writing restriction.
- Bypass lv2 memory protection.
- Peek / Poke LV1 and LV2
- Set ConsoleID at anytime/anywhere
- Changing LED.
- ringBuzzer
- Temperatures.
- VSH module loading
- Notifications.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
CCAPI for 4.21 to 4.81 v2.70r6 01/15/17 12644 Download
ControlConsoleAPI 2.70 rev6 by Enstone

Current version : 2.70 rev6

Supported Firmwares:
CFW 4.21,4.30,4.40,4.41,4.46,4.50,4.53,4.55,4.60,4.65,4.70,4.75,4.76,4.78, 4.80, 4.81 CEX or DEX + 4.66 Cobra/Non-Cobra

VSH module loading:
VSH module loading:

- create a directory in your /dev_usb000/ called "plugins"
and put all your sprx plugins into, it should be

All of the sprx that are present in this folder, will be loaded at ps3 boot.

-There is no max sprx number that can be loaded, the only limit will be the memory available, this is important, if you load to many sprx, some games will refuse to load.
-SPRX will be injected into vsh process, therefore they will be runned at every moment(even during a game).
-Deank made a cool FTP server sprx, that you can load into VSH, so you have a ftp even while you're playing a game. I just patched it for CCAPI. Or use webMAN 1.43 for CCAPI,

How to install CCAPI?
Just download and run this pkg on your ps3.
It will tell you to reboot, and it's done. You only need to do this once.

How to uninstall CCAPI?
Just run again the pkg.

Is it risky?
No, in the worst case, you could need to reinstall your firmware.

Quick control console:
It's just a quick tool to use some of CCAPI functions.

Changelog 2.70
(rev6) Added 4.81 DEX support
(rev5) Added 4.81 CEX support
(rev4) Added 4.80 CEX/DEX support
(rev3) Added 4.78 DEX support
(rev2) Added 4.78 CEX support
(rev2) Added 4.76 DEX support
Added other platform support (android)
Optimized network bitrate

Changelog 2.60
Added support for custom firmware 4.60 / 4.65.
Added support for custom firmware 4.66 CEX (Rev2)
Added support for custom firmware 4.70 CEX (Rev3)
Added support for custom firmware 4.70 DEX (Rev4)
Added support for custom firmware 4.75 CEX (Rev5)
Added support for custom firmware 4.75 DEX (Rev6)
Added support for custom firmware 4.76 CEX (Rev7)
Added support Cobra.
Added SetBootPsid / SetBootConsoleId / SetPsid.

Added 4.53/4.55 support
Added a console list

- Memory use has been reduced
- Boot time has been reduced too, at the first load it's about 20 sec, then for next boot it's now instant.
- Shoud be compatible with more fimwares now.
- DLL is now released, you can now make your own ccapi programs.

1.00: Original version

iMCSx, flukes1
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
CCAPI for 4.21 to 4.81 v2.70r5 11/07/16 4471 Download
CCAPI for 4.21 to 4.80 v2.70r4 06/06/16 12845 Download
CCAPI for 4.21 to 4.78 v2.70r3 03/01/16 13517 Download
CCAPI for 4.21 to 4.76 v2.70 11/11/15 3479 Download
CCAPI for 4.21 to 4.76 v2.60r7 10/01/15 5970 Download
CCAPI for 4.21 to 4.65 v2.60 10/30/14 6611 Download
CCAPI v2.50 03/30/14 2571 Download
CCAPI for 4.21-4.50 v2.00 11/21/13 8042 Download
CCAPI MOD for 446-465 v2.00 10/28/14 1250 Download