PSVibe Move Edition v1.02 by deroad
Last Release: Apr 18, 2013
Downloads: 7506

This homebrew should be only for ladies..

THIS HOMEBREW NEEDS A PS-EYE. Without it, will give black screen.

PSVibe is a just-for-fun homebrew application for the PS3.
As the title might suggest, it is for vibration functions.

It can be useful to some.

(thanks for the description jjolano)
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
PSVibe MoveED (all) v1.02 04/18/13 3435 Download
PSVibe MoveED (unsigned) v1.02 04/18/13 1167 Download
initial version
Fixed Black Screen and set color of the move to RED
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Name Version Released Hits DL Link
PSVibeMoveEdition (all) v1.01 01/17/13 1321 Download
PSVibeMoveEdition (unsigned) v1.01 01/17/13 583 Download
PSVibeMoveEdition (all) v1.00 01/17/13 529 Download
PSVibeMoveEdition (unsigned) v1.00 01/16/13 446 Download