Iris Manager v2.93 by Estwald/D_Skywalk
Last Release: Feb 25, 2014
Downloads: 220303

Iris Manager is a port of Hermes Manager based on PSLIGHT, Tiny3D, PS3Soundlib and OpenPS3FTP, is a completly legal open code manager Made with Homebrew tools.

Supports the custom firmwares: 3.41 (Hermes), 3.55 CEX/DEX, 4.21 & 4.30 CEX/DEX (with LV1 access, like Rogero or Rebug), 4.31 CFW (MiralaTijera), 4.21 DEX, 4.40 CEX, 4.41 CEX, 4.46 CEX, 4.50 CEX/DEX, 4.53 CEX and 4.55 CEX.

- Support PS3 games from external HDD (dev_usbxxx/GAMEZ) or internal HDD (dev_hdd0/GAMES)
- Display game covers in multiMAN style (copy the JPG files like BLES12345.JPG to /dev_hdd0/game/IMANAGER4/covers)
- Support large files (+4GB) cached on internal HDD for games launched from USB
- Obsolete: ability to replace EBOOT.BIN with lower fw requirment for games launched from BD drive
- Support PS2 data for games like Singstar (the path included "ps2disc.txt" is mounted as "/dev_ps2disc")
- Support PSX games from CD and ISO image format (sector size of 2048, 2352, 2336 or 2448 bytes)
* Note: Assign the MC from Iris (the system hangs if MC is assigned from the emu)
- Support play of extracted PKG stored on external HDD (extract the PKG to "dev_usbxxx/game")
- PKG Installation from Iris (Tools -> .PKG Install)
- Support easy copy of program's data from /dev_usb/iris to /dev_hdd0/game/IMANAGER4
- FTP Support
- New 'Mamba' payload for non-Cobra CFW 4.46 CEX, 4.53 CEX, 4.55 CEX
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.93 02/25/14 36110 Download
USB Game Launcher (homelaunc1) v2.20 03/03/13 18206 Download
IMPORTANT: After installing the PKG, restart the PS3, if Iris Manager was loaded before.

NOTE: The (Unofficial) release by Habib adds mamba support to 4.60.

The latest unofficial build fixes the anti-ODE protection on 4.60 cfw.

Changelog (since the last unofficial version):
1. Removed splash screen of Iris
2. Fvcked sonys new drm mechanism(80010017 when running iso with disc inside and 8001002b when running iso with updates with disc inside.

What's New in version 2.93:

- Updated the ISO tools ( ) to patch ISO games with required FW version up to 4.60 in patchps3iso

- By request of Lustar ( GameTDB ) I have introduced a new system to update the covers (covers): Iris Manager now use the User Agent "IrisManager - v2.93" to access that server.

- In the game updates, the User Agent was changed also to simulate a PC

- Added support ( for Cobra / Mamba ) for Bluray movies, DVD Video and MKV (using " BluRay Drive " on Showtime).
In the "Homebrew" category the homebrews/PSN are listed first and in the new "Films" category (only the movies are listed)

NOTE 1: As a reminder, pressing R3 / L3 you access the various categories.

* Supports internal (hdd0) and external hard drives in NTFS, EXTx or FAT format.

* The bluray movies should be in the root folder /BDISO, the DVD movies in /DVDISO (as in multiMAN).
Subfolders are allowed and a JPG with the same name as the ISO is supported as cover (e.g. my_film.iso -> my_film.jpg as cover).
The display name is taken from the file itself, so it is recommended to edit it if it is too long or non descriptive.

* The MKV should go in the root folder /MKV.
Subfolders are allowed and a JPG with the same name as the ISO is supported as cover (e.g. my_film.mkv -> my_film.jpg as cover).
The display name is taken from the file itself, so it is recommended to edit it if it is too long or non descriptive.
After selecting a movie, an ISO is created dynamically to associate with the BDVD unit, then Showtime is launched to play it.

NOTE 2: For films the Options menu (accessed with SELECT) is not available.

NOTE 3: We have also made ‚Äč‚Äčother changes to the code level, such as inclusion in main.h of the tags that define the internal flags for the games / movies. Hope that I have not screwed it up in the translation of the code.

NOTE 4 In principle, the support for /BDISO and /DVDISO was included thinking on those who have a broken the Bluray drive.
Since we were doing this, MKV support was added (creating a dynamically ISO) if someone wants to use such films using covers.
Showtime can play perfectly these movies with its NTFS support and it also allows you to navigate freely between directories: this option is mainly for geeks.

What's New in version 2.92:
- Further improvements in the GUI:
* Added GUI Configurator in "Change Current GUI"
* Added new GRID modes to display games from 3x2 to 6x5 (from 6 games to 30)
* Added the possibility to load background pictures

Options in 'Change Current GUI'

GUI Type:
- Original Grid: grid without covers
- Coverflow: with covers
- Grid With Covers
- Cover Slide: with covers
- Coverflow FX: with FX effects, with covers
- Grid FX: with FX effects, with covers

Change the background color or increase/decrease the bright in background pictures

Change the background picture between NONE and PICT0.JPG to PICTn.JPG

Pictures path: /dev_hdd0/IMANAGER4/pictures:

Pictures must be 2048 x 1200 maximum.

Some images from an old version of multiMAN I had here for nostalgics:

Download: background_pictures.rar

Grid: Choose one of the following grids modes:
- 3x2, 3x3, 4x2, 4x3, 4x4, 5x3, 5x4, 5x5, 6x4, 6x5 games per screen

Polygons: Only for "FX" modes
- Type 1, Type 2 (3 - 6 sides)

Background Twinkle: Only for "FX" modes
- Yes/No to enable it

Cover Blink: in game selection
- Yes/No to enable the effect

NOTE: you can see some GUI changes in this configuration screen immediately

What's New in version 2.90B:

- Fixed a small bug in CFW 4.55 to get permissions to disk access.

What's New in version 2.90:

- Added support CFW 4.55 (tested on Habib v1.0) + 'Mamba'

I have tried several things and seems to work well, although it has been a little mess with both offset changed site (It has been a good marathon, carrying the payload between Iris and Mamba )

What's New in version 2.87:

- Added animated background GUI4 slide. Use "Change Current GUI" (Use Change Curret GUI to find) to find and "Change Background Color" (Change Background Color for differents effects) to get different effects.

- Added Chinese Traditional / Simplified (Added Chinese Traditional / Simplified Thanks Liqianyu.!)

What's New in version 2.86B:

- New "Disco" GUI mode

What's New in version 2.86:

- Improved graphical GUI. From "Change Current GUI" you can select:

1) GUI0 - Iris Manager Classic (no covers). Remember to change the color to choose with or without flashing cursor.

2) GUI1 - Slide with animation (new).

3) GUI2 - Iris Manager Classic with covers.

4) GUI3 - Slide without animation (original).

- New tools v1.7 PS3ISO corrected an error in booking space.

What's New in version 2.85C:

-Fixed missing network initialization prior cover update
-Improved the cover scroll animation

What's New in version 2.85B:

- Improved extraction of files from the ISO (obtaining ICON0.PNG, images and other PARAM.SFO, which caused a hang in certain ISOS)

What's New in version 2.85:
- Added an option to download PS3 covers from Global Options -> Tools -> Download Cover

- From Options -> Game Update you can uptade/download the current game selected cover

- Covers are downloaded from (thank you very much to GameTDB for the support ;) )

- language.ini are updated with two new text strings (Download Cover and Game Update)

- Some permissions problems on hdd0 were solved.

- Rudirastelli PS3_ISO_TOOLS_V1.6B_U.rar removed by some problems to create ISOS (use makeps3iso.exe only to create ISOS)

What's New in version 2.81:
- Improvements in creating ISO (makeps3iso) that solves the problem with MGS4. We recommend upgrading to this version, but the problem has not been presented as only happens in very specific cases.

- Improved Iris Manager so that it is not updating the free size of disk drives each time you change directory (which brings slow to show files)

What's New in version 2.80 :

- The ISOs now will take the title name from PARAM.SFO (so far took the file name) and also will show the background image of the game in the Options dialog.

- New support for PSX Cobra / Mamba from "Disc-Less Payload" : works with the same versatility as the old, but adding PSX support PSX for NTFS/EXTx units, thanks to the new plugin that allows you to change up to 8 ISOs of PSX ( unplugging / replugging the device NTFS / EXTx in the latter case to change iso)

Changes for PSX in Cobra / Mamba "Disc-Less Payload" mode with respect to the old are:

1) All Games now use the plugin by default. The games stored in /dev_hdd0 and /dev_usb00x can use the old emulation (PSX payload) selecting "old_emu" or "old_netemu".

2) To eject/insert a disc, the changes are as follows (remember that only from the Cobra/Mamba plugin in "Disc-Less Payload" mode) :

- If the game is in NTFS / EXTx, you must unplug / plug the USB device.

- If the game is stored in /dev_hdd0 or /dev_usb00x, it will use the first device found with a FAT partition (device '/dev_usb' ) and if this fails, then it will use the first non-FAT USB device connected (NTFS / EXTx for example) .

- Remember that unpluging the LED will flash

3) If the ps1_rom.bin is used and L2 button is held down on the pad when the game is launched, it is also possible to run the rom from NTFS / EXTx without a CD to copy/delete the data from the memory card that is using the game (this is useful for handling Internal_MC.VM1). You must exit from the emulator after finishing, as the old PSX payload used.

4) Leaving the PSX emulator it is possible to launch the game from the disc, but in doing so, the video will be set to PAL/NTSC depending on the region of your system, and you must select the memory card from the emulator and keep in mind that if the game does not belong to your region, it will freeze.

What's New in version 2.74:

- Fixed problem with folder prefix "." in ISO tools.

- Added RudiRastelli tools, updated (1.6BU)

What's New in version 2.73:

- Fixed bugs in makeps3iso and its equivalent in Iris Manager.

- Removed unload of plugins from Iris Manager (I am not responsible for any interference that could provoke with Iris Manager to have plugins running in the background touching things)

What's New in version 2.72:

- Fixed bugs found in makeps3iso, patchps3iso and extractps3iso tools
and their equivalents in Iris Manager.

- Fixed bug date

- Added support for game updates (Game Update):

You will find it in the game Options. First it will let you choose the updates that it finds (considering if the .PKG is already downloaded in the directory and the current version of the game) and then it will proceed to download them all (in the /PKG directory of Iris, i.e /dev_hdd0/game/IMANAGER4/PKG). Finally, it will open the Archive Manager in the directory to give you option to install them.

For developers: you needs my http and ssl changes to compile it (

- Added some other things [LOL]

What's New in version 2.70:

- Added 'Mamba' payload for CFW 4.46 (non-Cobra) and 4.53 (Habib)

'Mamba' is a version of the payload Cobra (stage2) that can be launched from Iris Manager to support ISOS and PS3 games and some of the features of Cobra payload (it loads the plugins internally, ignoring the list), but it does not support the PSP and PS2 emulators.

'Mamba' does not exclude a possible [future] CFW Cobra: detects whether a Cobra payload is loaded and inhibits itself in that case. It can also be differentiated by sys8_mamba() (if returned 0x666, is Mamba).

- Fixed some minor bugs (file sizes shown on Archive Manager and a forgotten mount/unmount of BDVD)

What's New in version 2.65 :

* Added support for CFW 4.50 DEX and 4.53 CEX

* Added tools to create, extract and patch ISOS (Error 0x80010009 ) from PC ( with source code and can be compiled at least from MinGW and Cygwin )

* Added the ability to create , copy, delete ISOS (except EXTx ) and extract from Iris ISOS Manager.

* Added fix Error 0x80010009 for updates and ISOS (except EXTx ) from the "Check Files " option.

* New rawseciso (source code is included in the rar . ) With some fixed bugs and improvements against errors ( even allows the disconnect / reconnect the device) , and includes support for hdd0 , USB00X through a new mode ( see launch_iso_game () in Iris Manager source ) code and a mixed mode file / list of sectors for the Build ISO ( see launch_iso_build () in Iris Manager source code).

* In Archive Manager now supports all ISO Build ( FAT32/NTFS/EXTx ) devices and extensions detected mkv , avi , mp4 , ogm , mpg video and multimedia files to launch " Showtime" . .

* Now the current game is saved to return to him during the game and drink the last game released for my connecting the device that contains it.

* Added exception in the Archive Manager to detect if an ISO is launched from a " BDISO " folder is taken as Bluray Video.

* Fixed several bugs like filenames too long in Archive Manager and added other small details and optimizations ( such as now when a device with NTFS partitions / EXTx is detected, the USB icon appears blue during the time waiting before mounting )

What's New in version 2.60b:

Fixed issue where not submitted all ISOS, not show the internal icon that hung to list many games from NTFS (stupid fclose () forgotten , argh! XD)

What's New in version 2.60:

Support functions + Cobra CFW 4.46 Rogero for ISOS
Improved the preview icon in Archive Manager (pre-displayed icon in /dev_hdd0/games without going into the folder)
Added Quick press + to enter the Archive Manager, you will now have a more frequent use . If parental control is enabled, only allows non-hazardous use Archive Manager (ISOS mount Cobra mode and so on)

Cobra Mode.

Mode becomes active only when Iris Manager is set to "Payload No Disco" and is detected cobra syscall 8 4.46. In this mode it is necessary to patch explore_plugin.sprx but may need libfs.sprx patched module.

Supported Features

From NTFS drive, EXTx, / dev_hdd0, / dev_usb00x:

ISOS PS3 games: are in the folder "/ PS3ISO". The ICON0.PNG is viewed from within the ISO but you can put an image. Png (wide) or. Jpg (elongated) with the same name as a cover art ISO external. Also the cover art is taken conventional (typical of Multiman with the title id). The ISOS can be split (if needed) with extension follows name.iso.0, name.iso.1, ... name.iso.9 (2048 bytes / sector)

DVD ISOS: Single from "Archive Manager" (the default type are not detected when other). The ISOS can be split (if needed) with extension follows name.iso.0, name.iso.1, ... name.iso.9 (2048 bytes / sector)

Bluray ISOs: Single from "Archive Manager" (not sure if it works because I have none: basically, try to detect a mark UDF). The ISOS can be split (if needed) with extension follows name.iso.0, name.iso.1, ... name.iso.9 (2048 bytes / sector)

From unit / dev_hdd0, / dev_usb00x:

PS3 games with single files: The usual way but with mounting Cobra.

PS1 ISOs: Use proper support Iris Manager, well known

From unit / dev_hdd0:

PS2 ISOS: CD (without audio tracks and only ISO 2048 bytes / sector) and DVD (2048 bytes / sector). USB drives are not supported in this mode.

From NTFS drive and the Archive Manager:

PS3 ISOs, BD, and DVD from any directory, using auto-detection.
Dynamic Creation ISOS: select a file, press SELECT and use the "Build ISO from file" to exit to the XMB with a data DVD ISO

Dynamic Creation ISOS with Showtime launched: Select and press X on a file type. Avi,. Mp4 or. Mkv (I have come to create a DVD ISO 32 GB ). If Showtime is installed automatically run, select the drive and ready Bluray (Showtime takes theirs to recognize and then play the file, but then goes smoothly )

Note on dynamic creation: the trick is to create a small file on NTFS drive's root (hence not supported EXTx, can not write) with the name "iris_manager.biso" which contains the ISO and sectors adosarle then file data.

Note on the general ISOS: It is important that the files are not too fragmented to avoid problems.

File Manager:

Have some ability to detect ISOS to assemble them from any directory (avoid using PS1 ISOs) and in the case of NTFS drive, ISOS dynamically create a single file containing (SELECT and "Build ISO from file) or released Showtime in files. avi,. mp4 and. mkv. isos must be 2048 bytes / sector and use extension. iso or is fragmented into several parts using extensions. iso.0,. iso.1 ..... iso.9 ...

ISOS options in the GUI:

Pressing SELECT can select the ISO as a favorite or disassemble the unit if it is NTFS or EXTx.

PS3 Favourite taken with preference to be shown / thrown / dev_hdd0, then ISOS and finally / dev_usb00x

PSP Games: No support is provided.
Create PS3 game ISOS:

With Cobra ODE tool, it can be done, from single files:

Currently there is no way to create them support from Iris Manager.

What's New in version 2.58:

Archive Manager (File Manager):

- Added vertical split by default in windows A and B from resolution 720P (to switch between vertical/horizontal, press L2/R2).

- Added .png/.jpg small viewer pressing X on these files.

- Added automatic display of ICON0.PNG when we list from game directory (GAMEZ, GAMES) passing through the game folder (the viewer uses the path - "game folder"/PS3_GAME/ICON0.PNG to show it.

- Fixed error of recurring copy when copy to the same unit, at a lower level folder.

- Added libntf_ext latest changes that allow to use functions like fopen() for NTFS/EXTx drives.

NOTE: remember that NTFS/EXTx support only works in Archive Manager: to install .PKG proceed from there.

What's new in version 2.56 (Official version):

-Added support for external devices with NTFS (Windows, read/write) and EXT2/3/4 (Linux, read only) from "Archive Manager"

-Added support for BD Emu PS3_GM01 activated (support to "direct multiboot" discs using the disc structure: dev_bdvd/PS3_GM01/ in "BD emu" mode)

NOTE: Remember that writing is experimental support and you assume the risks when using it: check with "chkdsk " to ensure that no data is lost or corrupted.

With the partitions "ext" to be in read, no problem that can corrupt anything.

1) plug in the device and wait 5 to 10 seconds for it to mount. If not, unplug and plug it back. Multiple devices can be plugged.

2) the partitions are displayed as " ntfs0:" to " ntfsX: "

3) Remember that it is important to unmount the device before unplugging: from the root option in "Archive Manager" or leaving Iris Manager

-Added support for "asynchronous copy" to speed up file copying in "Archive Manager"

-Added option "Get file/folder info" in "Archive Manager" (press SELECT) for information on the number of files and free space required to copy.

What's new in version 2. 52 (Official version):

- Added support to CFW 4.50 from Evilnat Manager version.
- Added fix for error 80010009 on 4.50 FW games.

NOTE: this support has not been tested by me and after many months, if I have confused with something (hopefully not): if there is a bug, write a cooment in the thread and I will try to correct it as soon as posible. Estwald.-

What's new in version 2. 51 (Official version):
-Added support CFW 4.46 (from PS3Ita Manager v1.20.) Thanks to Rancid - o and company)
Note: Has not been tested by me and I don't know if needed additional patches in Rogero 4.46 or if there is some kind of bug. I'm still in 4.40 MiralaTijera... so give a try it and if there are problems, we will see that it can be

-Updated languages Chinese simplified/traditional (Thanks Liqianyu) and added Portuguese (from PS3Ita Manager v1.20)

-Added access to menus of options (SELECT and START) by parental control lock to prevent children from accessing these options: If the parental control for the games is set between 1 and 8 inclusive pressing these buttons, display a message instead.

What's New in version 2.70 (Unofficial version by Evilnat aka Nathan_r32_69):
- Added the payload for Custom Firmware 4.41 DEX (Evilnat);
- Added the payload control fan for Custom Firmware 4.41 DEX

What's new in version 2. 50J:

-Fixed an issue of dates where it is now marked as 32 of may (do not take off the coat!

-Updated languages Chinese simplified/traditional (Thanks Liqianyu)

What's New in version 2.50:

NOTE: From this version, I will be partially retired. Or put in another way: I will not be as active as before (only in case of "extreme" need I would work on it) and I hope that the inclusion of the new GUI other people are encouraged to continue to maintain and improve the program: I have done everything possible to provide all the tools and materials needed, but now it's time to take a break and do other things and maybe others take over if they want to continue to implement things.

1) Added a separate loader and isolated application itself in principle from the LIBFS patched, but this could open other possibilities.

2) Added a status check of Network and warning messages in case of error, for FTP

3) New GUI format "slide icons" accessible "Global Options" (Global Options) -> "Change Current GUI" (Change Current GUI), with new colors with smooth gradient background.

New Controls:

DPAD LEFT / RIGHT: move one position to the left or right

L1/R1: Scroll up and jumping a number of positions within the icons

DPAD UP: Toggle between favorites / Games

DPAD DOWN: Changes to Games, managing change games as follows (shown in the screen below-center):

PS3 - PSX: Displays all the games in alphabetical order

PS3> PSX: Displays first PS3 games in alphabetical order and then PSX equally (ie, separating the groups and shows first PS3)

PSX> PS2: Sample first PSX games in alphabetical order and then the PS3 in the same way (ie, separating the groups and shows first PSX)

The settings are stored: note that it is not the same as pressing L3/R3

Favorites Mode

- They are still 12 and you can add / remove or exchange options positions from holding down L2 and then TRIANGLE

Information Display

Top - Left: Favorite Mode / Games (set current / number of total games)

Top - Center: Game Title

Top - Right: Devices connected. In Yellow which contains the current game

Bottom - Left: In the inset shows the configuration of the games, if you need a BR disc, Direct Boot with an arrow, BD Emu or LIBFS. Below, date / time of the system.

Down - Center: management mode icons as described above.

Bottom-Right: active FTP Server icon, temperature data, etc.

Reloading Icons

12 remains the maximum although the slider samples from 5 to 7, depending on the width of these (covers in multiMAN format, fit 7). Reload is improved by assigning icons in priority first from hdd0, then from USB and finally from BDVD in background.

The system has been designed considering the speed and agility when you're searching for a game.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Iris Manager (4.60) by Habib v2.93 07/08/14 27752 Download
Iris Manager (4.60) by Habib v2.93 07/07/14 1400 Download
Iris Manager (4.60) by Habib v2.93 06/28/14 1605 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.92 02/16/14 2893 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.90B 02/15/14 1092 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.90 02/12/14 1395 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.87 02/10/14 985 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.86B 02/09/14 894 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.86 02/08/14 823 Download
Iris Manager v2.85C 02/07/14 871 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.85B 02/06/14 1173 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.85 02/03/14 1082 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.81 02/02/14 1136 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.80 01/27/14 1804 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.74 01/13/14 2545 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.73 01/08/14 2133 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.72 12/23/13 3299 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.70 12/16/13 1669 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.65 12/12/13 1353 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.60b 11/12/13 3223 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.60 11/11/13 956 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.58 10/28/13 1987 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.56 10/24/13 1300 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.55 10/22/13 1270 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.55 10/21/13 989 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.52 10/13/13 1606 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.51 07/24/13 3679 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.50J 06/01/13 3429 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.50 05/26/13 1665 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.45 05/22/13 1272 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.42 05/15/13 1432 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.41 05/14/13 1017 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.40 05/10/13 1141 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.36P 04/22/13 1835 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.36 04/17/13 1463 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.35 04/16/13 943 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.30 04/06/13 1519 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.25 04/04/13 1004 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.22B 03/30/13 1133 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.22 bugfix 03/25/13 985 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.22 03/22/13 1547 Download
Iris Manager v2.21 03/10/13 2048 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.21 03/10/13 1142 Download
Iris Manager v2.20 03/03/13 1338 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.20 03/03/13 914 Download
Iris Manager v2.16 02/26/13 1638 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.16 02/26/13 875 Download
Iris Manager v2.15 02/23/13 1132 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.15 02/23/13 885 Download
Iris Manager v2.11 02/16/13 1433 Download
Iris Manager (Animated Icon) v2.11 02/16/13 1019 Download
Iris Manager v2.01 02/15/13 1273 Download
USB Game Launcher (homelaunc1) v2.0 02/14/13 1179 Download
Iris Manager (beta4) v1.60 beta4 02/05/13 1469 Download
Iris Manager (beta3) v1.60 beta3 02/04/13 1096 Download
Iris Manager (beta2) v1.60 beta2 02/03/13 953 Download
Iris Manager (300248) v1.55 01/30/13 1350 Download
USB Game Launcher (homelaunc1) v1.55 01/30/13 1078 Download
Iris Manager (271918) v1.54 01/27/13 1301 Download
Iris Manager (242046) v1.53 01/24/13 1303 Download
USB Game Launcher (homelaunc1) v1.53 01/24/13 1031 Download
Iris Manager (241341) v1.52 01/24/13 1173 Download
Iris Manager (232014) v1.51 01/23/13 1211 Download
Iris Manager (230240) v1.50.6 01/23/13 1232 Download
Iris Manager v1.50.5 01/22/13 1050 Download
Iris Manager v1.50.2 01/22/13 1141 Download
Iris Manager v1.50.1 01/21/13 940 Download
Iris Manager v1.50 01/21/13 2654 Download
Iris Manager v1.49.3 01/18/13 1083 Download
Iris Manager v1.49.2 01/17/13 952 Download
Iris Manager (fix) v1.46.3 01/09/13 1105 Download
Iris Manager v1.46 01/06/13 1138 Download
Iris Manager v1.45 01/04/13 1976 Download
Iris Manager [DEX] v1.45 01/05/13 2175 Download
USB Game Launcher (homelaunc1) v1.45 01/04/13 1078 Download
Iris Manager v1.40 01/01/13 1086 Download
Iris Manager [DEX] v1.40 01/01/13 1024 Download
Iris Manager v1.38 12/24/12 1122 Download
Iris Manager (Stealth) v1.38 12/24/12 962 Download
Iris Manager v1.25 12/13/12 976 Download
Iris Manager (Stealth) v1.25 12/13/12 966 Download
Iris Manager v1.2 06/04/11 940 Download
Iris Manager (Stealth) v1.2 06/04/11 927 Download
USB Game Launcher (homelaunc1) v1.0 12/27/12 907 Download