PSChannel v1.11 by deroad
Last Release: Oct 12, 2013
Downloads: 56629

PlayStationChannel - an OpenSource Homebrew's Store
Ideated and entirely build by Wargio/Deroad

You can find the source code here:

please remember that wargio/deroad created it and not other people.
Wargio/deroad will never request donation for this Homebrew.
If you paid it, you have been scammed.

i want to thanks all the people that helped me on psl1ght irc and a special thanks to KaKaRoTo and anyone that want to help me on this project.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
PSChannel (all) v1.11 10/12/13 15427 Download
PSChannel (unsigned) v1.11 10/12/13 3345 Download
Brewology Store Version!
Changed the PSChannel XMB location to avoid "" (now it's under games)
Fixed HDD Size bug for all FW
Fixed abort bug
Fixed chaching bug (now it loads immediately)
Fixed download bug
Fixed donwload limit bug
Fixed server serverside bugs
Fixed syscalls bugs (now all the fw will reboot)
Fixed exit bug
Fixed performance bug
Fixed copying performance bug
Fixed menu overflow bug
Fixed freeing memory bug
Code cleaned
Added performace patches
Changed loading code to do not overload the server
Added Lang support (now you can translate this)

security update

fixed some bugs
added some indicators like the number of the homebrew in the category, size of them and version

initial release;

Blue theme created by opium2k.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
PSC-blue theme by opium2k v1.10 05/19/13 1783 Download
PSC-red theme by opium2k v1.10 05/19/13 932 Download
PSC-tachyon theme by opium2k v1.10 05/19/13 971 Download
PSChannel (all) v1.10 05/05/13 6025 Download
PSChannel (unsigned) v1.10 05/05/13 1841 Download
PSChannel (all) v1.09 02/21/13 5070 Download
PSChannel (unsigned) v1.09 02/21/13 1586 Download
PSChannel (all) v1.05 02/15/13 2786 Download
PSChannel (unsigned) v1.05 02/15/13 1168 Download
PSChannel (3.41) v1.03 01/04/13 974 Download
PSChannel (3.55) v1.03 01/04/13 1162 Download
PSChannel (Resigned) v1.03 01/04/13 4457 Download
PSChannel [Blue] (3.55) v1.03 01/04/13 863 Download
PSChannel [Blue] (Resigned) v1.03 01/04/13 1329 Download
PSChannel v1.02 Fix 12/28/12 2989 Download
PSChannel (blue + 4.xx) v1.02 Fix 12/29/12 1112 Download
PSChannel (gnpdrm) v1.02 Fix 12/27/12 969 Download
PSChannel v1.01 12/27/12 908 Download
PSChannel (gnpdrm) v1.01 12/27/12 815 Download