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re3-vita v1.4 by TheOfficialFloW
Last Release: Jul 10, 2021
Downloads: 990

re3-vita is a port of re3, a full reverse engineered reimplementation of Grand Theft Auto III using librw, a full and open source reimplementation of RenderWare graphics engine.
re3-vita allows to play Grand Theft Auto III on PS Vita/PSTV after providing game files from your own copy of the game (if you don't have a physical copy of GTA III for PC, you can buy the game on Steam (
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
re3-vita v1.4 07/10/21 38 Download QR
- Updated to latest vitaGL commit.
- Updated to latest re3 commit.
- Implemented PostFx (Colour Filter can now be set to Normal and Mobile for these effects. Normal is highly recomended for graphics quality).
- Fixed Mp3 Player. Now works as intended.
- Fixed DXT textures support. (Note: This will make possible again to use HD models with the port)​
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
re3-vita v1.3 02/17/21 378 Download QR
re3-vita v1.3 02/16/21 98 Download QR
re3-vita data v1.3 02/16/21 113 Download QR
re3-vita v1.1 11/24/20 123 Download QR
GTA3.vpk v1.0 10/27/20 240 Download QR