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Red Moon of April v1.0 by Neuromage Studio
Last Release: Feb 5, 2022
Downloads: 86

Red Moon of April is a Sci-Fi visual novel about Kohime, a Japanese girl who, after losing everything, set off on a one-month journey riding her Metal Knight.

Eighteen years have passed, but the shadow of the Great War is still upon the world. The war was between China and United States of America. A series of sanctions imposed by United States ignited this war, eventually including a total ban on trade between China-backed countries. A feature of the Great War was the use of war robots, pilot-operated biped machines, known as Metal Knights. Because of the use of them, the war lasted nine months. When China won the war, the world changed. Now the world is divided into nations. Are they: United Europe, New Russian Republic, Japan Federation, Atlantic Community and Great China. What brings the military balance between the nations are the Metal Knights. That is the reason each of the Big Five has Metal Knights. With the end of the war, the nations ceased the production and use of Metal Knights. This agreement is known as the Shanghai Pact. After the pact was sealed there was peace.

Everything changed when Great China broke the pact and attacked the frontiers of the Japan Federation, to regain all territories lost to Japan. The year is 2037, it’s been a month since Great China began their Japanese campaign, a war between Great China and the Japan Federation.

Your name is Kohime Togashi, daughter of Hideo Togashi and Akane Togashi. You were born in Japan, before it became the Japan Federation. But you grew up on the border of the United Europe with Great China, formerly known as the Middle-East. The battles between the United States and China happened there, eighteen years ago.
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Red Moon of April v1.0 02/05/22 83 Download QR
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