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Slenderman Returns v6 by BurAndBY
Last Release: Dec 1, 2021
Downloads: 49

Slender Man Returns is an psychological horror indie game, based on an urban legend about a murderous creature called Slender Man.

The game is completely in 3D, it is designed for the Windows platform, but I also made a port for the mobile version, and is controllable with comfortable touch buttons on the screen.

Slender Man Returns is a software project for the course of "Digital Game Development", C.d.L. in Computer Science, University of Catania. The teacher of the course is Prof. Giovanni Gallo.Ideazione, design and implementation of Rosario Terranova.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
slendermanreturns_v6.vpk v6 12/01/21 34 Download QR
### Changelog

- Fixed the translation (Thanks to Rinnegatamante for help)
- Menu script is rewritten

### What to do?
You need to collect 8 pages in different houses marked on the map, to escape from Slenderman. Come to the house for first page and note. Slenderman will try to hunt you down, but don't come close to him.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
slendermanreturns_v5.vpk v5 12/01/21 15 Download QR