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ScummVM (All CFW) v2.8.1 by ScummVM Team
Last Release: Mar 31, 2024
Downloads: 62887

ScummVM is an emulator for the PS3 and other platforms originally designed to play LucasArts adventure games that use the SCUMM system. It also supports a variety of non-SCUMM games by companies like Revolution Software and Adventure Soft.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
ScummVM v2.8.1 03/31/24 1584 Download
+- A homebrew enabled PlayStation 3 console. As of now that mostly means having a custom firmware installed. Obtaining and installing such a software is out of the scope of this document. Sorry, but youre on your own for that one.

+- At least one ScummVM supported game. The list of compatible games can be seen here:

+- An USB drive.

+From a computer, download the installable package of the PS3 port from ScummVM's main site. It should be a .pkg file. Copy it to an USB drive.

+After having plugged the USB drive to you PS3, the installation package should appear in the XMB under the "Games > Install Package" menu. Installing it copies ScummVM and its dependencies to your PS3's hard drive. It also adds the "Games > PlayStation 3 > ScummVM" XMB entry which is to be used to launch ScummVM.
+Configuring and playing games
+The user manual describes how to add games to ScummVM and launch them :

+PlayStation 3 Specifics
+Games can be launched either from an USB drive or from the internal hard drive. The internal hard drive has better performance though.
+Savegames are wrote in the /hdd0/game/SCUM12000/saves folder.
+Joypad button mapping
+- Left stick => Mouse
+- Cross => Left mouse button
+- Circle => Right mouse button
+- Triangle => Game menu (F5)
+- Square => Escape
+- Start => ScummVMs in global game menu
+- Select => Toggle virtual keyboard
+- L1 => AGI predictive input dialog
+Building from source
+This port of ScummVM to the PS3 is based on SDL. It uses the open source SDK PSL1GHT.
+The dependencies needed to build it are :
+- The toolchain from
+- SDL from
+- ScummVM from
+Once all the dependencies are correctly setup, an installable package can be obtained from source by issuing the following command :
+./configure -host=ps3 && make ps3pkg


#### 2.8.1 (2024-03-31)


- Fixed GLSL version parsing on some OpenGL ES2 platforms.
- Don't try to use shaders on old OpenGL implementations.


- Fixed Space Quest 1 version 1.0X freezing in the skimmer.
- Fixed Mixed-Up Mother Goose message boxes during nursery rhymes.
- Fixed Mixed-Up Mother Goose graphics in Amiga version.
- Fixed Gold Rush clock time at Fast and Fastest speeds.
- Fixed Atari ST version of Manhunter 1 not starting.
- Fixed Tandy CoCo3 version of Leisure Suit Larry 1 not starting.
- Fixed Tandy CoCo3 unofficial ports not starting.
- Fixed Amiga menus in Space Quest 1, Manhunter 1, and Manhunter 2.
- Fixed Graham facing away from the king in King's Quest 1.
- Fixed Alexander getting stuck on the stairs in King's Quest 3.
- Fixed Larry being able to shoplift in Leisure Suit Larry 1.
- Fixed ducks not jumping at the start of Donald Duck's Playground.
- Fixed instant death in fan game "Phil's Quest: The Search for Tolbaga".
- Fixed buttons freezing in fan game "DG: The AGIMouse Adventure".
- Fixed unrecognized words in fan game "V - The Graphical Adventure".
- Added detection for Macintosh version of Mixed-Up Mother Goose.


- Updated detection tables.
- Simplified character import from Sierra games for QfG2 AGDI.
- Fixed graphical glitch affecting Unavowed and Heroine's Quest.
- Fixed partial outlines for some letters in Kathy Rain.
- Fixed crash in Alum.
- Added stub to prevent crash at the beginning of Falcon City.

Broken Sword 2:

- Fixed crash when quitting the game while it was paused.


- Enabled engine, allowing MM1 and Xeen to be compiled.
- Added MT32/LAPC-1 support for Xeen engine.
- Fixed Xeen regression which caused some sound effects to stop abruptly.


- Fixed crash in Muppet Treasure Island on some platforms.
- Fixed jewel puzzle in Muppet Treasure Island not being randomized.


- Fixed the telephone hints in Secrets Can Kill.
- Fixed the crashing and drawing issues on ARM machines when playing Message in a Haunted Mansion's maze minigame.
- Fixed the 'M' keyboard key not working in Message in a Haunted Mansion.
- Allowed general keymaps to be shown in the engine Keymaps menu.
- Virtual keyboard now correctly triggers on/off wherever text input is needed.


- Fix screen corruption (and sometimes even crashes) in Mac Loom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, most noticeably when using menu shortcut keys.
- Fix enabling/disabling of Open and Save in Mac Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


- Fix ladder climbing regression.
- Fix scenery zoom issue.
- Fix animation glitches after using the holomap.


- Fix Ultima VIII hidden minimap blocking keyring use.
- Fix Ultima VIII page breaks in books.
- Fix Ultima VIII text centering for plaques.
- Fix Ultima VIII crash on dragging items to screen edge.
- Fix Ultima VIII unexpected jumping on left click.
- Fix Ultima VIII camera during cutscenes for Shrine of the Ancient Ones.
- Fix Ultima VIII invalid placement of items within containers.
- Fix Ultima VIII never-ending lava sounds.


- Fixed crash in Reah: Face the Unknown and Schizm: Mysterious Journey when music is muted.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
ScummVM v2.8.0 12/30/23 1496 Download
ScummVM v2.7.1 07/18/23 1515 Download
ScummVM v2.7.0 02/19/23 2441 Download
ScummVM v2.6.1 11/01/22 2100 Download
ScummVM v2.6.0 07/17/22 2701 Download
ScummVM v2.5.1 01/22/22 670 Download
ScummVM (stable release) v2.5.1 02/24/22 702 Download
ScummVM v2.2.0 09/27/20 4374 Download
ScummVM (stable release) v2.1.1 01/31/20 2614 Download
ScummVM (stable release) v2.1.0 10/11/19 2326 Download
ScummVM (stable release) v2.0.0 01/17/18 6473 Download
ScummVM (stable release) v2.0.0 12/18/17 3304 Download
ScummVM v1.9.0 10/12/16 4145 Download
ScummVM v1.8.1 05/25/16 4388 Download
ScummVM v1.8.0 03/05/16 4117 Download
scummvm v1.7.0 07/20/14 5311 Download
scummvm v1.6.0 05/28/13 4276 Download
ScummVM (All CFW- Unofficial) v1.6.0 12/08/12 3355 Download
ScummVM v1.4.1 01/31/12 2989 Download