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PS3Vecx v0.5 by Sdw
Last Release: Dec 30, 2010
Downloads: 5338

PS3Vecx is a Vectrex emulator for the PS3. It comes with some games already pre installed in the emu, just like the original vectrex did back in 1982.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
PS3Vecx 4.xx v0.5 12/30/10 3466 Download
Read Me File:

PS3Vecx v0.5 - A Vectrex emulator for PS3 by Andreas "Shadow" Gustafsson (
Released 2011-01-06.
This is a port of the Vectrex emulator "vecx", by Valavan Manohararajah.
Done using the PSL1GHT open SDK.

Navigate the menus with d-pad, cross to select.

In game:
D-pad : Vectrex Joystick
Square : Vectrex button 1
Triangle : Vectrex button 2
Cross : Vectrex button 3
Circle : Vectrex button 4
Start : Pause menu

Since I couldn't get directory browsing working in PSL1GHT, I precompiled the emulator with a selection of old calssic and new homebrew ROMs.

This is an early version, there is no sound support and probably some other bugs as well.

Thanks to:
Everyone who made PS3 homebrew possible
The PSL1GHT team,
The guys behind PS3Load/PS3LoadX (made development sooo much easier),
The people who created a ready-to-go-dev-VM for lazy bastards like myself who doesn't want to mess about with setting up a dev-environment!


Released in 1982
The Vectrex is an 8-bit video game console developed by General Consumer Electric (GCE) and later bought by Milton Bradley Company. The Vectrex is unique in that it utilized vector graphics drawn on a monitor that was integrated in the console; no other console before or after the Vectrex had a comparable configuration, and no other non-portable game console had a monitor of its own (integrated). It was released in November 1982 at a retail price of $199. As the video game market declined and then crashed, the Vectrex exited the market in early 1984.

Unlike other video game consoles which connected to TVs to display raster graphics, the Vectrex included its own monitor which displayed vector graphics. The monochrome Vectrex used overlays to give the illusion of color, and also to reduce the severity of flickering caused by the vector monitor. At the time many of the most popular arcade games used vector displays, and GCE was looking to set themselves apart from the pack by selling high-quality versions of games like Space Wars and Armor Attack. The system even contained a built in game, the Asteroids-like Minestorm.

Quote Sdw:

Vectrex emulator for jailbroken PlayStation 3 consoles. Includes a collection of both commercial and homebrew Vectrex games.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
PS3Vecx 3.41 v0.5 01/06/11 1864 Download