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VBA-PS3 v0.9.9.1 by Halsafar
Last Release: Dec 1, 2010
Downloads: 50050

This is a Gameboy Advanced emulator.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
VBA-PS3 v0.9.9.1 12/01/10 50016 Download
I am pleased to finally release my teams port of VBA (Visual Boy Advance) to the public. It is a clean port of the most recent VBA-M emulator, that is fully functional, equal to our teams SNES9X-PS3 and FCEU-PS3 releases.

We spent some time optimizing it. The VBA-M source is not conducive to being run on the PPU. After applying many small optimizations we have obtained 60fps in all the important games.

Enjoy GB and GBA with shaders!

Vba 0.99.1 (3.41 only, 1.92 coming soon)

Report bugs, slow games or feature requests to the google code issue tracker: VBA-PS3 GIT

Name Version Released Hits DL Link