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FTP Server v1.2 by blackb0x
Last Release: Oct 9, 2010
Downloads: 214824

A threaded, multi-connection FTP server for the Playstation 3. It works extremely well with this Brew Manager. Highly Recommended.

Stealth version uses COD:MW2's titleid to allow it to be "hidden" while playing online.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
blackb0x FTP (HEN) v1.2 10/15/21 19805 Download
FTP Server v1.2 10/14/21 9078 Download
FTP Server (Resigned) v1.2 10/09/10 108402 Download
FTP Server [Stealth] (Resigned) v1.2 11/18/10 46080 Download
FTP Server 1.2

A threaded, multi-connection FTP server for the Playstation 3.


> Fixed auto-exiting when using the PS3 Remote Control instead of a gampad.
> Removed leading "/" from roots
> fixed multiple transfer connection issues for filezilla. More then 1 transfer connection at a time should work.
> Fixed misreported file size for files over 4gb.

+ Added new mount points: /dev_ms, /dev_sd, /dev_cf,
/dev_ps2disc, /devps2disc1
+ Added IP address display for ease of use
+ Added screensaver to darken screen after 1m, reawaken on
controller input
+ Added new ICON0.PNG
> Fixed bug in relative paths for RNFR_Command (renaming bug)
> Fixed (..) parser to allow filenames with (.)
> Fixed CDUP from root directory bug.

Initial release


- Install the package to PS3
- Open up FTP Client of your choice and connect using your
PS3's IP and port 21 while leaving username and password
- Enjoy.
- Tested with 3 simultaneous connections.

Tested with FileZilla, FlashFXp, CuteFTP, and WinSCP

"The age of miracles is past."

10/2/10 - FTP Server 1.2
9/25/10 - FTP Server 1.1b
9/23/10 - FTP Server 1.0b
9/12/10 - LV2Dump 0.7a

Name Version Released Hits DL Link
FTP Server (3.55) v1.2 10/09/10 15864 Download
FTP Server (3.55) (Stealth) v1.2 11/18/10 7393 Download
FTP Server v1.1b 09/25/10 4122 Download
FTP Server v1.0b 09/23/10 3951 Download