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MHUFreeStore v1.02 by eXtermin
Last Release: Nov 16, 2010
Downloads: 71878

MHUFreeStore is a homebrew application that installs to your console and allows you to download content directly to your PS3 without the need for a PC.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
MHUFreeStore v1.02 11/16/10 50910 Download
MHUFreeStore (Resigned) v1.02 11/16/10 13547 Download
Quote roughly translated:

After many hours of work we bring you the latest addition to MHU2D.Net. MHUFreeStore PS3. We hope that this release is as useful and succeed both as her little sister, the PSP. For those who do not know what this is, I put a brief summary: Is a free and open store content for your PSP and your PS3. Content as Homebrew, free music, backgrounds, etc ... Hence its name: Free, free of charge. Store, store (not the store, the content will NEVER be paying). If you want to advertise on the store, send an email to the same address. And you have it available for download.

How to install:
To install it you have two options:
- Using the PKG file that is at the end of this post and install it like any other PKG (in the readme.txt file specified as)
- Use the PSP store and get the PS3 version from there. Once downloaded, connect your PSP in USB mode to the PS3 and install the PKG file from the PS3 XMB.

Where to send suggestions, improvements, new content, ideas, ect:
Do not forget that to suggest improvements, new content, ideas, etc ... you have the forum at your disposal and email [email protected] This email address is being protected from spam bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

fixes the following bugs:
- Fixed some text which appeared wrong in the English language.
- Fixed a critical bug which would cause a crash while downloading images (mostly when re-opening a session)
- Fixed the PARAM.SFO (In version 1.01 it kept saying 1.00).

- I updated from the app by selecting the server option and it said I had to update to use or something like that.

- Initial version
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
MHUFreeStore v1.01 11/15/10 3832 Download
MHUFreeStore v1.00 11/14/10 3538 Download