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Cover Manager vr9Preview2 by Jurai2
Last Release: Oct 10, 2010
Downloads: 57738

This is the latest version of cover manager by Jurai2. It's a backup manager with a sleek looking interface. (Image shown is from cover manager - blue mod. Multiple covers have been disabled.)
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Cover Manager vr9Preview2 10/10/10 39670 Download
Cover Manager - Blue Mod vr8Preview6 10/10/10 18013 Download

L3 toggles FTP
Start toggles front covers / 3d covers
Triangle displays rear cover if available

PuppetMaster Quote:

cover manager only shows one game cover at a time now. The reason for this is, the code that enabled multiple game covers to be shown was a bit buggy. It was taken out in an attempt to make cover manager a bit more stable. cover manager R8Preview6 game covers don't move like they do for r9Preview2. Mods of cover manager is based off of R8Preview6. Which is also the last version that was created before adding in the game cover bouncing effect; which can also be seen in R9preview1.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link