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Open Copy Install v1.1c by wuepe
Last Release: Nov 12, 2010
Downloads: 44125

Open Copy Install allows you to view games installed on your internal or external Hard drive. It can copy games from one Hard drive to another and also install games to the hard drive.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Open Copy Install v1.1c 11/12/10 37162 Download
I modified the open source manager, creating a new utility to facilitate copying the game folder Installed between the inner and outer disk, such as delete, or copy only the param file.

Changes 1.1:

- Added language: Ingls / Franaise (same as the OM, is now seeking BGx.png background files being x the number corresponding to the region)

- now shows the version used Payload: Psgroove v1, v3 Hermes / 4, PL3

- Now allows you to mount external disk installed game data, if we want to play games from the PSN passed to external disk.

- Added Japanese language 10/22/2010 (rev a) by zun by Translat menus

- 10/24/2010 Added German language, Polish (rev a) by zun by Translat menus

- Added 10/31/2010 Portuguese, and German translation corrected.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Open Copy Install v1.1 10/22/10 3629 Download
Open Copy Install v1.0 10/21/10 3288 Download