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PS3 ezRemote Client v1.02 by cy33hc
Last Release: Apr 23, 2024
Downloads: 2034

This is a port of ezRemote Client for the PS3 that exists on the Vita, Switch and PS4.

Install PKG files from any remote Server using FTP / SMB / NFS / WebDAV / HTTP protocols.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
PS3 ezRemote Client v1.02 04/23/24 741 Download
- Connect to and transfer files back and forth between PS3 and FTP/SMB/NFS/WebDAV/HTTP server
- Support for connecting to Http Servers like (Apache,Nginx,RClone,Microsoft IIS, NPX Serve) with html directory listings.
- Install PKG files from any remote Server. This will automatically download the PKG to the PS3 and install the rap/rif files if any found. Creates the install bubble in the "PlayStation Network Content" of Package Manager.
- The rap/rif files must be in the same folder or in a exdata sub folder where the PKG file exists on the remote server. If a rif file already exists in the PS3 account, the rif file won't be replaced. See example screenshot
- In the application settings dialog, you have the option of chosing the PS3 account for installation of the rap/rif files
- For WebDAV and HTTP Servers that doesn't require username/password, you have the option to enable Backgroud downloads. Just like PS3 PKGi, you need to restart the PS3 for background downloads to start.
- Create Zip files
- Extract from zip and 7zip files
- File management function include cut/copy/paste/rename/delete/new folder/file for files on PS3.
- Simple Text Editor to make simply changes to config text files. Limited to edit files over 32kb and limited to edit lines up to 512 characters. If you try edit lines longer then 512 characters, it will be truncated. For common text files with the following extensions (txt, log, ini, json, xml, html, conf, config) selecting them in the file browser with the X button will automatically open the Text Editor.

## Known Issues
UI Glitches, but doesn't affect functionality. Will try to address the UI glitches later on.

PS3 ezRemote Client v1.01
- Add ability to extract ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2 directly from Local and Remote Servers
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
PS3 ezRemote Client v1.01 04/22/24 430 Download
PS3 ezRemote Client v1.00 04/04/24 864 Download