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OpenSupaplex v7.1.2 by sergiou87
Last Release: Aug 21, 2020
Downloads: 2018

OpenSupaplex is a 1:1 reimplementation of the original game "Supaplex", with just a few changes to make it easy to use with game controllers, and also easy to port to any platform.

The game was developed in the early 90's. Since then the source code has been lost. Some enthusiasts have disassembled the game, fixed many bugs, and added many features.

Name Version Released Hits DL Link
OpenSupaplex v7.1.2 08/21/20 1068 Download
New in OpenSupaplex v7.1.1-v7.1.2
LB/L1/L and RB/R1/R buttons won't change the game speed anymore when used in the main menu.
Fixed game panel behavior when you restart a level with it hidden. Now it will be shown when you restart a level.

New in OpenSupaplex v7.1

Added support for PSP, Nintendo 3DS, Windows 64bit, macOS, PS3, Wii and Wii U.
Added Music and Sound Effects.
Added support for saving and loading game states.
Bumped the default game speed from 5 to 10 (maximum).
Added different scaling modes.
Improved gamepad controls:
LB/L1/L and RB/R1/R buttons can be used in the main menu to select a different level set.
LB/L1/L and RB/R1/R buttons can be used in during the game to change the game speed.
Y/Triangle button (X on Nintendo consoles) shows/hides the bottom panel during the game.
B/Circle button (A on Nintendo consoles) displays, for a few seconds, the number of red disks you have.
Back/Select/Minus during a game will exit the level immediately.
Start/Plus during a game will pause the game.
Added advanced menu giving access to many options that were only available with a keyboard before, or not available at all:
Restart the level.
Sound and music volume.
Change the scaling mode.
Game speed.
Play/record demos.
Debug options (show FPS, load/save state, remove Zonks/Snik Snaks…). If you use these, your progress won't count!!
And more things!
Added command line options in platforms that support this. Just run the game with --help for more info.

Fixed many MANY bugs. Now the game should behave exactly as the original, validated by almost 7000 pre-recorded demos.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
OpenSupaplex v7.1.1 07/05/20 520 Download
OpenSupaplex v7.1 06/28/20 427 Download