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PS3 Kara v0.2 by tps
Last Release: May 23, 2020
Downloads: 1269

Kara, a Karaoke game

Use USB microphones to sing to your own tunes (720p MP4 videos ONLY).

Name Version Released Hits DL Link
PS3 Kara v0.2 05/23/20 1268 Download
Changes in 0.2
- jukebox mode (random playback of all videos)
- ordered tracks (alphabetically)
- mic volume control w/ save/restore to settings file

note that the videos you want to use should be copied in a folder called 'videos' on a FAT32 formatted USB drive. if you intend to use videos with no lyrics embedded in the stream, you can use SRT-type subtitles to add the lyrics in sync with the video.

very important: there is a limitation to the video format which can be used for playback: 720p MP4 videos ONLY. use Avidemux (version 2.7.4) to prep your videos to the requirements: from 'Auto' menu, choose '720p', then from the left-side toolbox choose 'AAC (lav)' for Audio and 'MP4 Muxer' for Output Format (Video Format should already be set to 'MPEG4 AVC (x264)' so don't touch it unless you know what you're doing).

Name Version Released Hits DL Link