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Simple File Manager v0.5.2 by tps
Last Release: Apr 21, 2020
Downloads: 2859

Simple file manager for PS3 that supports on exFAT and FAT file systems.

Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Simple File Manager v0.5.2 04/21/20 2322 Download
Simple File Manager for PS3 is a work in progress release


L1 and R1 change active/current panel to left(L1) or right(R1)
cross and circle, right and left used to navigate in and out of directories
up and down scroll current selection- rectangle for copy files/dirs
triangle for delete of copy/dirs
START rename file/dir
SELECT create dir

Known issues:
can't copy from FAT drive to FAT drive

Changes in 0.5.2
v0.5.2 - fix ntfs and ex/fat mount/unmount on both USB ports

Changes in 0.5.0
addition of NTFS support for file/dir operations

issues: it doesn't seem to detect/mount an NTFS drive if a FAT drive is already connected
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Simple File Manager v0.5.0 04/19/20 361 Download
Simple File Manager v0.4.0 04/18/20 170 Download