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Apollo Save Tool v0.6.5 by bucanero
Last Release: Feb 17, 2020
Downloads: 1030

Apollo Save Tool is an application to manage save-game files on the PlayStation 3.

The apollo-ps3 homebrew app allows to download, unlock, patch and resign save-game files directly on your PS3.

Source Code:
Name Version Released Hits DL Link
Apollo Save Tool v0.6.5 02/17/20 1027 Download
Apollo Save Tool v0.6.5
- Added export save-game to .zip file
- Added copy save-game to USB
- Added new option to clear local cache
- Added new option to update application data
- Fixed patch when removing Account ID
- Use internal PS3 fonts to fix issues with extended characters

First public release.

Save file listing (+ details)
Save file SFO unlocking (remove lock flag)
Save file PFD resigning
Save file download from Online Database
Automatic detection of PSID/Account-ID settings
Name Version Released Hits DL Link