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HEN Toolbox v1.00(4.87) by DeViL303
Last Release: Dec 10, 2020
Downloads: 107499

New XMB menu with a full set of tools for HEN

Hen ToolBox for HFW 4.87 HEN 3.0.2 update by NotOnlyEyes

Name Version Released Hits DL Link
HEN Toolbox v1.00(4.87) 12/10/20 20416 Download
Note: This patches a few files on flash and hdd to add support for itself. Whenever you update HEN the toolbox will get disabled, and you will see a new icon on the XMB that will allow you to reapply the patches.

Update 12.10.2020: HEN Toolbox v1.00 fw487 update by NotOnlyEyes

- Fix domain >to>

Download Function works:
- Download Retro Games ok works
- Download PSN App ok works
- Download Themes ok works
- Download Wallpapers ok works

Name Version Released Hits DL Link
HEN Toolbox v1.00(4.86v4) 04/04/20 53067 Download
HEN Toolbox v1.00(4.85v3) 10/18/19 21455 Download
HEN Toolbox v1.00 06/13/19 6524 Download
HEN Toolbox (4.85v2) v1.00 10/07/19 2277 Download
HEN Toolbox (update) v1.00 06/14/19 3670 Download